Exam 70-621

Discussion in 'MCDST' started by Jimmy, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Jimmy

    Jimmy Guest

    Hi everyone!

    I've just become a MCDST on 18th Dec 2006. Just thought of posting this news
    to share it with everyone here. It's a wonderful Christmas gift I've received
    this year. The feeling is great!

    I'm now looking forward to take exam 70-621 when it becomes available in
    Feb' 07. However, my question is: How can I prepare for exam 70-621 since
    there aren't any training materials, courseware or Microsoft Press Books
    released for this particular exam?
    Jimmy, Dec 26, 2006
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  2. Jimmy

    BS Guest

    Why don't you try MCSA? I am sure it will be a much greater feeling. I
    haven't felt it yet but I guess Michael knows more about it.
    Happy Holiday and congratulations.

    Network+, MCP
    BS, Dec 26, 2006
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  3. To be absolutely honest, I have not felt it either. My work allows me to
    deal with 90% of desktops. I rarely do professional server
    administration anymore. I know the technology, I know the server
    environment; my work just has me behind the keyboard of a desktop and
    not a server. I am not taken the time to upgrade my MCSA certification
    to 2003. I do not see the need for it in my current position. With that
    said, I am very proficient in Windows Server 2003. And it would just be
    a matter of taking the exams. But I am tired of wasting my time and
    money for certification that I will not use. Think about that the next
    time someone throws out an abbreviation to you concerning certification.
    First will you really use it? If not, then learn the technology, but
    save your $125 that you would pay to test out on. Be specific with your
    choice of certification and what you want to dedicate your time and
    money to.

    Jimmy, to answer your question. I am not sure they have published
    "skills measured" for the test yet.

    Michael D. Alligood
    Network+, i-Net+, CIW Assoc.,
    CIW Certified Instructor
    Michael D. Alligood, Dec 26, 2006
  4. Jimmy

    Chefdenker Guest

    You can use TechNet, CBTNuggets First Look, 2 books about Vista beta and you
    can use the Vista help files.

    The MS Press books won't be out before May. I don't think they will even
    have a book out for the upgrade exam. Just for the 620 and 622 exams.

    There will be an online course available. But honestly i wouldn't pay
    300-400 dollars for that. I rather collect the information i need myself.
    Chefdenker, Dec 26, 2006
  5. That was a good post Michael.

    By the way everyone, I got a 19 inch flat screen for Christmas! woohoo! I
    also got an Iriver for my car. I am loving that as well. My cousin and I got
    in our cars and put it on the same radio station and were both listening to
    my music on my Ipod via the Iriver. Pretty sweet!!! It also can play sound
    from DVDs, Laptops (woohoo) and other things that have audio outs (cd
    players, mp3 players, ipods, or whatever) It plugs right in the cigarette
    adapter and broadcast itself on FM waves.
    Keith Chilton, Dec 26, 2006
  6. Jimmy

    Jimmy Guest

    Hi Chefdenker, thanks for the advice.

    Jimmy, Dec 26, 2006
  7. Jimmy

    TurkReno Guest

    Two certs are better than one. Wish me luck, I take the 71-621 today.
    As far as my professional opinion is concerned, you can show that you
    have a lasting track record for MCDST, regardless if you took it on XP
    or Vista, when you have BOTH like I may for the MCDST, then ok, you've
    really shown your knowledge and continuing knowledge and it makes you a
    more credible expert.

    MCNGP #50
    www.mcngp.com > all
    MCNGP: Leading the world to better training, better computer skills,
    and taking out the lowdes of the world with fervor beyond anyone's
    TurkReno, Dec 26, 2006
  8. Jimmy

    BS Guest

    Goodluck. Let us know the outcome

    BS, Dec 26, 2006
  9. Jimmy

    AJR Guest

    In preparation of MCSA certification I found the text "Windows Server 2003,
    Administrator's Pocket Consultant" by Microsoft Press to be invaluable.
    The Vista Administrator's Pocket Consultant is now available (Barnes and
    Noble, Amazon, etc.) and although not a "study guide" it should be great for
    70-621 preparation - an opinion based on Microsoft's suggested lesson plan
    for the 621.
    "Jimmy" - if you can make use of certifications on the job - great - if
    not - but you just like to "know" stuff and you feel great about your
    accomplishments - then go for it!
    AJR, Dec 26, 2006
  10. Jimmy

    Jimmy Guest

    Hi AJR, thanks for the advice.

    Jimmy, Dec 27, 2006
  11. Jimmy

    TurkReno Guest

    I promise I won't violate the NDA, and if I did then I'd be going
    against everything that the MCNGP stands for anyway. As far as the
    exam...easy. I'd compare it to the A+. If I could make up a question
    similar to what it would be on this exam, it would be:

    You are a desktop support technician.

    Have you ever installed and used Windows Vista? (Choose two)

    A. No.
    B. Yes.
    C. Under too much pressure from my boss and wife.
    D. Don't care.

    Either way, if you passed 70-271 and 272 with I'd say better than the
    minimum to pass and have used the product, there's no reason that you
    shouldn't be upgraded to MCITP. Really, if you're worried, go use the
    product. That's what this exam was all about to me at least. I did get
    a few true "beta" questions that were completely unrelated to MCDST and
    regarded things in the right field like programming or something of that
    nature, but it was not programming and that's just an example for those
    wondering as programming (like C++ or SQL) has nothing to do with daily
    functions of a DST. As you know when you agree to the NDA, they are
    allowed to test, but they don't count against your score.

    Did I feel like I did a decent job? Yeah, because some of the questions
    were very easy. Some of the other questions were problem based and
    you'd have to figure a solution. I'd like to suggest that everyone who
    is considering taking this exam look at how the test presentations are
    being given on the learning site as far as how the questions were asked.
    There's an FAQ somewhere that has a download to show the new testing
    format. I am going to make the assumption that they are going to make
    the public exam presented in the same way that Microsoft had annouced
    that they were going to upgrade their testing formats. Be prepared in
    the future to know how to explain and mentally work out problems.

    The only thing that I didn't like is the fact that the questions that I
    marked for commenting on were randomized at the end of the exam and I
    had outlined the notes that I had made inline with the order the
    questions were given.

    And to those who are wondering:

    1. No, I will not tell you what was on the exam in content or in
    retrospect as to the topics presented. You can go read the site and see
    for yourself at www.microsoft.com/learning 2. No, do not ask me how
    many questions or how long I had because it doesn't matter. Use the OS
    and apply #1 and you're set. 3. Yes, I will tell you if I ever get a
    letter back in regards to passing or failing. 4. No, I don't care about
    your feelings or how badly you want into beta, its closed and STFU about
    it, please. 5. Good luck to those of you who are going to take it in
    the future.

    As per Microsoft, it will be at least eight weeks after the Beta Exams
    are closed for the results to be sent to you. These results are
    statistically analyzed and I'm assuming a bell-curve of people get a new
    shiny cert and the rest do not. I don't know, I don't work for them.

    MCNGP #50
    www.mcngp.com > all
    MCNGP: Leading the world to better training, better computer skills,
    and taking out the lowdes of the world with fervor beyond anyone's
    TurkReno, Dec 27, 2006
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