Exam 70-215

Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by MarkD, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. MarkD

    MarkD Guest

    Anyone know what the latest timeframe and number of
    questions are? It seems to change, I was told 180 minutes
    to do 50 questions with a difficulty rating of 4/10.
    The latest is 120 minutes to do 51 questions with a
    difficulty rating of 3/10. Also any other tips on the
    exam itself would be great.

    MarkD, Oct 13, 2003
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  2. MarkD

    JJ Gitties Guest

    I took 215 & passed about 3 weeks ago.

    I got 65 questions
    2 1/2 or 3 hours for exam. I can't remember...

    for me personally, I found it to be very difficult for a 2nd exam on the
    MCSE track. . I was kinda taken off guard. I used up my entire 3 hours for
    the exam & worried that I had failed at the end. I took & passed the 216
    this past weekend and that one wasn't as difficult for me. so I think it all
    depends on the mix of question you get and also what your strengths in the
    field are.

    remember, you are not being tested on real world, you are being tested on
    how well you know Microsoft support procedures. you have to be familiar with
    the concepts behind the questions, familiar with the product a bit, and VERY
    familiar with how Microsoft words their questions. and DON'T USE DUMPS! a
    lot of the answers are incorrect.

    follow the above and you should be okay & pass. the great thing about ms
    exams is that they are expensive but they also usually have a very low pass

    JJ Gitties, Oct 13, 2003
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  3. MarkD

    Jon Guest

    I'm taking 210 & 215 soon... what are the pass
    Jon, Oct 14, 2003
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