Evil Apple's patent infringement of Nokia cost them

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by RichA, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. RichA

    Whisky-dave Guest

    Oh sorry I thought dollar tree was some store .

    I've had experience of computers since 1981.
    You're one of the few then.
    There has even been studies done.
    here's one on just the hardware the Mac being cheaper.

    Mac #Interesting bits only others snipped.

    $1500 PC
    Boot Average startup 28.7
    sec. 1 min. 13 sec
    Average shutdown 4.0
    sec. 44.3 sec
    Install Microsoft Office 4 min. 17
    sec. 6 min. 25 sec
    Adobe Creative Suite 3 31 min. 44
    sec. 25 min. 45 sec.
    Program Launch Safari 3.3 sec. IE
    launch 6.3 sec
    Microsoft Word 4.2
    sec. 5.2 sec
    Adobe Photoshop 4.0
    sec. 5.5 sec
    Stress-launch Photoshop
    (w/ 8 apps running) 21.36
    sec. 40.0 sec.
    CD rip 3 min. 35
    sec. 3 min. 35 sec

    There's been other comparisons done in the past comparing efficiency
    Macs came out about 30% more efficient for users doing the same task.

    Even Word runs faster on a Mac, I also prefer using word on a Mac.
    (except version 6).
    Why does it take 3X longer to start a PC up and 10X longer to shut it

    The only thing that is slower, significantly is CS3 (install) and that
    is because IIRC
    adobe didn't write new installers and reused the old PPC versions
    rather than
    the later intel .
    Yes but they have improved since then.
    It tells use that IBM and PC users didn't want to invest in new
    hardware that is all.
    In those days typewriters were still popular. Computers were
    Bill gates left IBM to write software as he realised that there were
    loads of computers
    out there running g DOS which was fine for people that knew how to use
    but not much good for people that wanted to get certain jobs done.
    I don;t think it did, the revolution had already happened.
    But had problems supporting itself and caused many problems.

    Seems many people do have problems though both Mac and PC.


    well it depends what you do with them but I feel free to surfer the
    and not worry about virus and key loggers and adware like I do on my
    Whisky-dave, Jun 22, 2011
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  2. RichA

    Whisky-dave Guest

    Well not sure how you could prove that either way,
    what about photographers, the vast majority of those in the know would
    recommend a Mac
    rather than a PC.

    it's also a shit world out there.
    Virtually every zombie computer that sends out spam or service attacks
    are PCs.
    Is that a good thing at least PCs will always have a use I guess.
    True and I'm betting more people, are playing games on portable
    devices than
    on Mac & PCs combined.
    I also wouldn't recommend photographers use an iPhone as there main
    Whisky-dave, Jun 22, 2011
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  3. RichA

    Whisky-dave Guest

    Who cares the users of course, and of course those that recommend
    to others, which is why I recommend Mac for most people now.
    So when people ask my advice I know I'm giving relatively honest
    I'm used to having to provide facts I work in an electronics and
    computer environment.
    Next week I'm helping on advising how to spend nearly £20k-£50k on
    teaching equipment.
    I have to be able to back up what I say, I'm not a politician ;-)
    Doesn't matter the world is changing, fewer and fewer people need
    How do you know that , Apple laptops are selling very well compared to
    PC laptops.

    Not very.

    Now image the same car that could run any software on the market and
    is cheaper.
    See the Mac/PC comparison earlier.
    The Mac was better speced faster and cheaper.
    Do not assume everyone chooses the cheapest product on the market
    because it's better.

    yes it's called Apple.
    True because nothing is quite as good for the price.

    Its revenue share of the “premium” price market — that is, computers
    over $1,000 — is a staggering 91%. This means that 9 out of every 10
    retail dollars that is spent on PCs in that price range, goes to
    Apple, as Betanews’ Joe Wilcox points out

    No they are not because I can still run windows on a Mac you can;t run
    Mac OS on a PC.
    You can run linux on both though.

    Even so why do you think that using Mac OS is such a drawback ?
    it isn't for the4 vast majority of users in fact it's an advantage
    because those
    ..exe virus don;t do anything.

    Yes so.

    yes it is I watch the gates Jobs interview.

    Perhaps you just don;t know, but I don;t need any virus software so
    don;t have to
    buy it or install it or have it slow down my system.
    Whisky-dave, Jun 22, 2011
  4. RichA

    Whisky-dave Guest

    We all know strange people, I'm sure some here could provide a list
    or pros whether r not we could find out what they use is another

    maybe we should run a poll here.

    Why though I say that because it encourages both hardware and software
    makers to up their 'game'.

    Yep, but I've heard that the phone with the most photo uploads
    to flickr and other sites is the iPhone 4 .

    Does this make it the best camera phone, I've no idea
    but I don;t see that even if true that makes the iphone a better
    than other phones have, I've heard it good but is it the best because
    more people use it,
    that isn't how I rate products.

    Although I might get one one day.
    Whisky-dave, Jun 22, 2011
  5. I did expect some reading ability from you, but maybe you just
    didn't grasp that the iPhone has exactly that: An AppStore and *no*
    downloading from other sources (unless jailbroken). And if you
    don't understand that at the thought of forcing that model on Macs
    every executive will drool --- 30% on *anything* you buy!!! ---
    nope, noone with a working brain could not understand that.
    Not *yet* for *Macs*.
    It does take time to take freedoms away without rebellion. First:
    try to woo them by better service. Second: slowly integrate all
    key products into the single point of sale, by hook or by crook.
    Third: slowly cut off the rest of the world.
    Why would they prohibit Photoshop/Lightroom, especially if they
    move to a AppStore-only solution? Aperture isn't Photoshop,
    and Photoshop is expensive enough that 30% of the price (without
    supporting anything) is at least as attractive as 100% of Aperture.
    That's exactly the reason you'd get MS Office for Mac and Photoshop
    and Lightroom --- at least in the beginning --- are certainly
    going to be found in the AppStore in an AppStore-only world.

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Jun 22, 2011
  6. s/version/distribution/ :)

    The one where you can ask a friend, neighbour, coworker, LUGmember,
    .... because they are competent in that distribution.

    Second, maybe one that does automate most things, doesn't come out
    too often[1], has good online support (mailing lists, newsgroups,
    forums, wikis, ...), doesn't give you too much choice[2], ...

    Third, it may be a good idea (if you like playing with things)
    to start with a live CD/DVD distribution (Knoppix is best known,
    but there are others, quite a few based on Knoppix), because you
    cannot really damage the system: just reboot and everything will
    be fine again. Many of those distributions allow you to store
    your personal directory (home) on an USB stick or on the HD,
    so you don't loose *your* stuff over reboots. (And it's a good
    idea to have a live CD for the time when you need to undamage
    your installed Linux --- it may never happen, but just like
    backups, it's better to have one (and it's less time intensive
    than backups, too).

    Fourth, buy a good linux book, to gain perspective and an overview
    how things work together.

    Fifth, especially if it's new hardware or a laptop/netbook,
    check how compatible the hardware is with Linux in general and
    your chosen distribution. A LiveCD does a great testing job there.

    Sixth, decide if you want commercial for-pay support, e.g.
    via phone and/or email. (Such commercial support need not come
    from the distibution makers, third parties can offer support just
    as well and can be just as good.)

    See also

    Personally, I started with the commercial distribution
    S.u.S.E. Linux (as they were spelled) in '96, but I knew quite
    a bit about Unix by then (mostly SunOS, before it was Solaris).

    In 2002 I switched to Debian (which is powerful, but not
    regarded as especially newbie friendly).

    I'd probably look into Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and (as a LiveCD with
    good hardware detection) Knoppix.


    PS: A LiveCD today often means a LiveUSBStick is also possible
    --- there are vendors for that, and I'd buy such a thing for
    small money if I wanted to test a distribution and wasn't
    sure enough I could install the stick on my own. OTOH, googleUSB stick from Windows<< should turn up something useable.

    [1] doesn't mean patches for bugs don't appear timely, does
    mean that you don't have to upgrade every 3 months and
    cope with all the changes --- unless you like doing that.
    [2] Even though you can probably install everything, for a
    beginner it's probably better to have one default, say,
    one (good) desktop environment, one office packet, one
    email tool, one newsreader, ...
    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Jun 22, 2011
  7. And the "magic enlargements", especially from low resolution CCTV
    cameras, are always worth a lot of laughs. Maybe NASA should
    aquire their technology, then they could just photograph the moon
    with 50mm (35mm equivalent) and 10 MPix and resolve each single
    footstep of their astronauts ... :)

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Jun 22, 2011
  8. Wolfgang Weisselberg, Jun 22, 2011
  9. RichA

    Guest Guest

    apple's sales have been outpacing the market as a whole for several
    no they don't. there are several mac models for much less than that.
    i've read that the earth is flat. doesn't mean it's true. the only mac
    malware right now requires the user to install it. there isn't any mac
    malware that can secretly infect a mac without the user doing
    this has been disproven time and time again.

    fifteen years ago, before mac os x and when apple had a far, far
    smaller market share, there were quite a few viruses, because writing
    viruses for mac os 9 and earlier was easy. writing malware for mac os x
    is hard, so the malware authors go for easier pickings, namely windows.
    only because it's so damned easy.
    norton has caused all sorts of problems. you're lucky.
    Guest, Jun 22, 2011
  10. RichA

    Guest Guest

    the iphone is not a mac. furthermore, there are a couple of ways to
    install apps outside of the app store without being jailbroken.
    that 30% includes hosting the software, a storefront to buy it,
    automatic updating of the software, international sales & currency
    conversions & taxes, handling bogus credit cards and chargebacks, etc.
    it's hard to match that for a lot of developers.
    there is absolutely *no* indication whatsoever that apple will remove
    the ability to install software outside of the mac app store. that
    would be incredibly stupid.

    apple simply added a very easy way to distribute software and it's been
    quite successful for developers.
    the sky is falling the sky is falling.
    Guest, Jun 22, 2011
  11. Too bad that all those Windows computers depend on Linux routers
    and Linux servers and Linux everything. Of course, that was
    not so true some time ago, as Microsoft completely missed the
    Internet coming up --- and without Internet, Windows has only
    itself to play with.

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Jun 22, 2011
  12. Wrong.
    Mac programmers.

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Jun 22, 2011
  13. RichA

    Guest Guest

    Guest, Jun 22, 2011
  14. RichA

    Whisky-dave Guest

    yes so.
    There's more dog shit in the world than pearls does that make dog shit
    better .

    I still haven;t got a mobile phone.
    perhaps buying a new phone or a new camera of a new PC every few
    is a good move but for me I prefer buying quality that lasts
    especially if there's other advantages
    such as being about to use both PC software and Mac OS and Linux,
    but you've claimed you can run more software because you run windows.
    Do you run Final cut Pro or Logic .
    Whisky-dave, Jun 23, 2011
  15. RichA

    Whisky-dave Guest

    No, but if they wanted a fast machine then maybe such things would be
    it's not for you to decide important points for others.
    Why would people only want to run PC software.

    We're living in a post PC world did you now hear that.
    The market share for computers is dropping.
    With the advent of smart [phones and tablet devices people are finding
    that they don;t need desktops
    as much as they used to, a few years ago the only way to send an email
    or view a webpage
    was via a computer.
    You can also do basic photo editing on a phone or a tablet device.
    You must remember the days when you needed an enlarger to get a
    printout of a picture.

    The reason I brought the HP printer for my dad was because at 85 he
    just can't use a computer,
    arthritis and not understanding the process, I';m hoping the print
    button on the iPod will make
    printing easier than using photoshop to set paper and size details

    Perhaps you need to take a long look around you.

    Well tehy don;t have to they start at under $600.
    I can too, I can buy crap.
    You do know that even LCD screens range in quality and price.
    I can buy a car for less than you paid for the bit to build your PC.

    But people are buying them, so they can't be too expensive.

    No it was the use the computers had or were to be used for.
    There was no way Apple or any other computer manufacture could have
    supplied the whole world with their products.
    Why did';t everyone go out and buy Dell computers...
    why didn't they buy gateway, viglen or any other make,
    why did anyone buy Apple.

    Yes a friend had one or so he thought, but it wasn;t a virus.
    He just went to a webpage that said he had a virus,
    this flashed a couple of red warnings inside his browser telling him
    to download
    some software which he cancelled although the software still
    Even those stupid enough to download and install something didn't get
    any problems
    but they were taken to a site prompting them for their credit card
    That is NOT a virus.
    Whisky-dave, Jun 23, 2011
  16. RichA

    Whisky-dave Guest

    Yes, there are also more idiots out there too that's how scams work.
    Yep I have to use it here to protect myself.
    At no charge of course they do, do you pay for your ISP.

    My ISP gives me free prints, mobile companies gove you free calls and
    free texts.
    So why do I have to pay ££££ to get things for free ?
    Is this because it's needed ?
    Well obviously you wouldn't see it. How would you unless you've run
    before and after.
    Virus checkers DO slow things down even if you don;t notice, they also
    use up resources
    and memory.

    So when you load a file from floppy or from on-line the virus checker
    does nothing...
    Good for you but how do you know.
    I ran my free ad-ware on my PC yesterday I had 15 things that could be
    Yes it's a shit world out there.
    Whisky-dave, Jun 23, 2011
  17. RichA

    PeterN Guest

    PeterN, Jun 23, 2011
  18. RichA

    Guest Guest

    actually, the choice of one button was due to user interface studies
    (not apple's), however, if someone wants additional buttons, they use a
    multi-button mouse. if not, they don't.

    apple was shipping a *four* button mouse until recently, now they ship
    a mouse that supports multiple buttons and gestures (it has a touch
    surface, no wheel).

    any standard usb mouse will work, including primary and secondary click
    and the scroll wheel. macs have supported multiple buttons and
    contextual menus for roughly 25 years, starting just a couple years
    after it was released.

    however, mac os itself is designed around one button, so the additional
    buttons are not a requirement as they are with other systems. a
    secondary click is just a convenience for some tasks. there are usually
    other ways (and easier ways) than using a secondary click. it's not
    anywhere near as restrictive as you think.
    Guest, Jun 23, 2011
  19. RichA

    Guest Guest

    that's one way but not the only way. macs ship with multi-button mice.
    the point is that a secondary click is not required with macs. the user
    has a choice.
    Guest, Jun 23, 2011
  20. RichA

    Whisky-dave Guest

    They don;t do they...
    What about diesel, LPG and all these bio fuels.
    if they could they would wouldn't they.
    So show some. I can't think of anything I'm missing out on other than
    a few high end games
    which if you're really a gamer are better on the Xbox or other
    dedicated hardware.

    The new Mac OS Lion will be $30 and as a home user you can have it on
    many computers as you like, now compare that with windows 7 what is it
    $130 per computer ?

    I have. The reason that Macs can run windows is not because people
    want to
    it's because windows only runs on X86, where as Mac OS can run on 68K
    PPC also.

    Depends on you're definition of hot cakes.

    So there's less need to buy a computer then isn;t there.
    In fact the next release of iOS will mean iPod, iPhone and iPad users
    don;t need a computer
    to set up their device.

    Yep, maybe even speech recognition, as having an American accent helps
    with that.

    Never mind we all have our crosses to bare, why do you need to keep
    building PCs ,
    are they for other people, how long do these PCs last.
    They've just given me a new one at work, after I complained about my
    existing one.
    Whisky-dave, Jun 23, 2011
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