Every NTL customer should read this, very serious concerns

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Angel thoughts, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. It was a lovely day until I got home to check my e-mail. I found that when I
    tried to dial-up I got the response, sorry invalid user name or password. So
    I re-entered everything only to get the same message. So here is where the
    disaster starts. I called dial-up tech support only to be told I did not
    exist. After 25 long expensive minutes at 50p a minute I was told they still
    had me registered at my old address which I left 18 months earlier. 18
    months ago NTL stopped taking my monthly payment. I telephoned them 17 times
    in 6 months and sent 3 letters of which 1 was recorded mail and 27 e-mails
    to ask them why they had stopped taking my money. I gave up contacting them
    6 months ago. I thought that when they realised their mistake they would
    contact me. How wrong could you be. Friday the 25th June I tried to log on.
    Disconnected. Dial-up tech support told me to contact accounts. Contacted
    accounts and told I was not registered at this address. They found the
    original letter saying I was moving from 19 months ago. Told them that the
    money is still waiting for them to collect. After 3 hours I was told they
    had me registered at my new address for dial-up even though I was registered
    here for my telephone and tv it didn't twig with them. They apologised for
    disconnecting me and I was told I would be back on within 24 hours. I agreed
    for them to take the money I owed them which was not disputed at all and
    that my address and details had been updated. 24 hours later still no
    connection. Called accounts and was told I did not exist. Told them my old
    address and they found me. They said they could not understand why I was not
    back online. They told me to contact tech support who told me that it was
    only accounts that could reconnect me. Tech support did say that the problem
    was a fault, accounts had wiped me out all together. Four years of building
    up an email address and accounts gone. Four years of this wonderful email
    address world wide known gone. Tech support said that they could recreate it

    but it would take faults several weeks to do this. In the meantime I have
    hundreds of emails which I cannot access. I am back online with a temporary
    e-mail address, and an apology. When they told me to reconfigure my system
    with the new details, bang, another problem. It wiped my address book
    completely. They said sorry but this was expected by them when they
    reconfigured it over the phone with me. Several devastating hours later I
    logged back on. I am here still totally upset at what has happened to tell
    you that you must make sure all your details are correct. It does not matter
    how you contact them you must check several times before you leave and
    believe them. It is going to take me 6 months at least to recover all what
    has been lost. Re registering with my bank the new e-mail address and all
    the online stuff with new e-mail addresses. Accounts opens again tomorrow
    morning at 8am. What do you think I should say? What level of compensation
    should I ask for if any? Do I deserve anything else? Opinions highly needed.
    Thank you.
    Angel thoughts, Jun 27, 2004
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  2. Angel thoughts

    Bryan Guest


    NTL! <shrug> What can you expect?
    Bryan, Jun 27, 2004
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  3. Angel thoughts

    Paul - xxx Guest

    Angel thoughts typed:
    Heheheh, so knowing you were using a service that you hadn't paid for for 18
    months or so, you still relied on that same email address, account and
    address book for _everything_ ... sheeesh. You certainly don't, IMHO,
    deserve any compensation at all, sympathy perhaps, but in reality it's your
    own fault.

    Don't you have a back-up ?

    Don't you have copies of your address book in a number of different places
    and different media, especially as it's _that_ important to you ?

    Don't you have a 'spare' email account, even if it's hotmail ?

    Don't you use a re-mailer so that if your main ISP account is corrupted,
    like this, you can just raise a new account and still retrieve emails ?

    As I said earlier ... sheeeesh ...
    Paul - xxx, Jun 27, 2004
  4. Hey I totally agree, but at the end of the day I did not expect a disaster
    of this magnitude. I am not totally PC literate but I know just a little
    more than the basics. I have been running this system for over four years
    with no major problems. After 18 months with no contact from NTL I did think
    that they would eventually discover their mistake but I did not realise they
    would totally mistakenly wipe me out completely. And at the end of the day
    it doesn't say much for tech support. Hey why not just send me an e-mail
    :) bless them
    Angel thoughts, Jun 27, 2004
  5. Angel thoughts

    spike Guest

    Yes never put your trust in computer.
    Good old pen and paper is the only way.
    (Or Hieroglyphs if your text needs to last a long time)
    spike, Jun 27, 2004
  6. Angel thoughts

    Paul - xxx Guest

    Angel thoughts typed:
    Heheheh, they're a money hungry corporation .. they don't have human
    feelings ... ;)
    Yeah .. I like the service they provide, though I've had a few problems with
    them, hence my little rant about backing up and not solely relying on a
    single supplier .. ;)
    Paul - xxx, Jun 27, 2004
  7. Karen, clearly, NTL have fouled up big time in your case so let us
    look at what remedies you may have. From a legal point of view, you
    have the rights set out in the contract between yourself and NTL so I
    suggest you find the original contract (or ask for a copy) and read it
    very very carefully. If you can show that some of the terms of this
    contract are blatantly unfair, a court could strike them out under the
    Unfair Contract Terms Act.

    To obtain compensation, you will need to show that NTL failed to give
    you the service you were entitled to under the contract and that, as a
    result, you suffered a quantifiable loss. An example of such a loss
    would be the cost of the premium rate phone calls to their technical
    support department and the time wasted on the same. It might be worth
    your while talking to your local Citizens' Advice Bureau with a view
    to making a claim against NTL in the County Court under the small
    claims procedure.

    The one thing these large organisations are very much afraid of is bad
    publicity so it might be worth while contacting your local newspaper
    if they do a consumer column or the BBC's "You and Yours" programme on
    Radio 4 or something similar on TV.

    Now for the future and I speak with the voice of experience where a
    repairman (a friend) caused my computer to crash with the loss of much

    I have two separate physical hard drives on my system and each one is
    cloned with Norton Ghost to another two hard drives. This means that
    my data is as safe as it can be barring the house being burned down or
    something equally drastic. I also don't rely on NTL or any other ISP
    for my e-mail address. I have registered my own to which I have total
    rights for two years at a time for a fee of something like £7 for the
    two years. If I change ISP, I merely point my own registered address
    to the one allocated by the new ISP. Incidentally, I use
    <www.123-reg.co.uk> to register my domain and I note that
    <angelthoughts.co.uk> is available.


    Alasdair Baxter, Nottingham, UK.Tel +44 115 9705100; Fax +44 115 9423263

    "It's not what you say that matters but how you say it.
    It's not what you do that matters but how you do it"
    Alasdair Baxter, Jun 28, 2004
  8. Angel thoughts

    Valverdez Guest

    Karen, you sound like a typical user, turn on your computer and expect it to
    work every time like a light or TV. In the real world, things don't always
    work out the way we expect, shit happens. To not have a backup of your
    important data like your address book, my documents and databases like for a
    palm is insane, if it's important to you, back it up ! As for the ISP you
    mentioned, I don't know them, I'm in Canada but let me just say this, why
    are you using your ISP as your primary email address? Get yourself a
    Hotmail or Yahoo account, or any free email account for that matter. Using
    an ISP's email account for anything other than transferring larger files is
    dumb. I don't know about anyone else, but I have changed ISP's about 6
    times in 10 years but my email address (hotmail) has remained the same for
    all that time. That way, next time your ISP screws up, you can use anyone's
    PC to log into your email and the world as you know it has not come to an

    Bottom line, BACK IT UP !!!!

    Do you deserve compensation, why ? Sure they screwed up, but your account
    is your responsibility. To continue using an email address as primary
    knowing that one day that screw up will catch up to you, well........

    If I were you, I would count my blessings, this time you only lost an
    address book. Next time, maybe the problem will not be an ISP and you loose
    everything on your drive. BACK IT UP :) Lesson learned ?

    Have a good one Karen !

    Valverdez, Aug 10, 2004
  9. Angel thoughts

    Jim Berwick Guest

    Sorry, that's bullcrap. Saying "Don't use your ISP's email address because
    they will screw up" is stupid. Your ISP has as much a chance as Yahoo or
    Hotmail of screwing up something.

    I work for an ISP and we have occasionally screwed up an account, however
    it takes roughly 5 minutes to fix. If someone's ISP says it will take a
    few weeks to recreate an email account and dialup account, either they are
    lying or they are incompetent.
    Jim Berwick, Aug 10, 2004
  10. Angel thoughts

    John Guest

    My experience of NTL suggests they are incompetent. I would claim

    NTL used to be very good, but now their accounts department screwed up
    thousands of accounts. They have cut the work force to save money and as a
    result the remaining workers can't keep up. As for the 50p a minute call. As
    it was their fault you should get that refunded.

    I would drop NTL and find yourself a different ISP as soon as possible.
    John, Aug 11, 2004
  11. Angel thoughts

    Mark Shaw Guest

    I agree with you that she should've had her address book etc backed up. I
    know in the past, I've backed up all sorts of files, only to forget to back
    up things like my windows address book, favourites, outlook express message

    Despite this, we SHOULD expect things to work every time!! Isnt that why
    we're all developing new stuff, to make things better in the world.

    As for NTL, true they arent very competant. They've made a few mistakes in
    relation to my account - some good, some bad.
    - I used to subscribe to their digital tv service, and they gave me a whole
    load of extra channels yet still charged me the basic price. It took them a
    long long time to realise their mistake.
    - When I moved house, they started charging me for the digital tv service,
    despite me only wanting the telephone and broadband services. I never
    requested digital tv at all.

    I'm planning on abandoning NTL in favour of www.plus.net. I know several
    people with them, and it appears to be a decent isp in the uk.

    Mark Shaw, Aug 11, 2004
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