Ever hear of Madison Square Garden?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by iL_weReo, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. iL_weReo

    iL_weReo Guest

    The way I understand it, the name MSG is history and is shortly to be
    replaced with it's new moniker MSG-Steiner including "signage" and awl
    mentions on awl MSG networks. As you know this very same Steiner child
    and I served in the trenches together up at the now-defunct Camp in
    Northwestern New Jersey.

    The Camp in essense, is gone for good. That's a pity. But it's
    automation that did the place in. For instance they have installed
    bright streetlamps on our quiet country road, that alone turning it
    into a very "urban feel" which is something you don't need in such a

    I can't think of anything bad ever happening at the camp. That's
    surprising considering we spent 1/6th of the year there every year.
    Noone ever went to jail. The police were never needed on our 200+
    plush lush acres of greenery, giant lake and even a larger mountain
    range at our disposal. No, I can't think of a single thing that went
    wrong. In fact, Herbie the caretaker was, well it was a "good ol'
    boys" network and if you ever saw a picture of Herbie that would
    reinforce the reality immediately lol.

    So. Getting back to MSG-Steiner. It's hard to believe the Steiner
    child can take this this far. First it's NY Yankees-Steiner. NY Mets-
    Steiner. Notre Dame-Steiner. Los Angeles Dodgers-Steiner. Dallas
    Cowboys-Steiner. And a few others that escape my memory. But I believe
    this new MSG-Steiner is going to be his biggest coup yet. As far as
    public recognition etc. I mean, who ever heard of the biggest name in
    professional sports Brandon Steiner?

    For instance the Steiner child is going to periodically take up awl
    the planks on the basketball hardwood floor of the Garden and sell
    them as souvenirs. I bet one thing he can't do is sell ice patches.
    Chairs are a definite possibility. They're awlready thinking of

    Also as you know I'm the first one who ever filmed this very same
    Steiner child up at the camp. Of course there were no ppl running up
    to him with cameras and microphones at that time. Awl I say is I'm the
    first one who ever caught the Steiner child's image on a motion
    picture. I'm going to have a hard time catching this boy monetarily,
    although as you know I do believe your cash and checks are worthless
    due now to the advent of Nuclear Warrior and possibly the Wereo.

    I am the only writer who matters on the Newsgroups. Thank you you're a
    very good audience. I am the only one who matters. I am here from the
    Everlasting Convenant of Nuclear Warrior, the California Jam Wereo,
    and Lifshine. And of course the Holiest One of awl of us, the Pilar of
    Fire of whom there is no one and nothing higher. Not even Nuclear
    Warrior or the California Jam Wereo. Thou art the Christ oh the Pilar
    of Fire; Thou art the Christ.
    iL_weReo, Oct 16, 2010
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  2. iL_weReo

    SmucKKKey Guest

    As usual PiGGy tries to ride other's coat tail to prosperity

    Was that after u tried to MOLEST him u PERVERT

    u will AWLways be a USELESS STINKING PED BuM LIEshine

    How's it feel to know that u have accomplished NOTHING EVER?
    SmucKKKey, Oct 16, 2010
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