Ethernet OK -- Wireless Connects to Web but Can't See Network

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Apr 11, 2006.

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    I installing a 2Wire 1701 HG gateway, which has ethernet ports, a USB port,
    and wireless capability. We have desktop computers and JetDirect devices
    connected via ethernet cables, and laptops that have both ethernet and
    wireless capability.

    I am now having problems with the first laptop (XP Pro, SP 2) that I am
    installing on this network. No problems at all when using an ethernet
    Wireless - Can Connect to Web but not Windows Network

    But when using wireless interface (Linksys wpc54G notebook adapter), though
    laptop can connect to the internet it cannot see any network computers or
    devices, not even itself.

    (Previously, on an earlier network configuration we'd had running, I had set
    laptop's Control Panel / Administrative Options / Computer Browser to
    "Manual", to successfully correct the problem this laptop had with not seeing
    some of the other computers on the network.)

    Not sure what to try next.
    Guest, Apr 11, 2006
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