Error when I select View Workgroup Computers

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Jan 9, 2005.

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    Guest Guest

    I wen tto Hello, Please can someone help me!
    I have a Sony Desktop (P4), with XP Home Edition, with SP2 and latest
    updates etc.
    In the past I tried (unsuccessfully) to setup a small Home Network and gave
    up - knowing that I'd done something wrong.
    I recently upgraded my DSL connection, and now own a high wuality (2WIRE)
    Home Portal - to connect to the Internet (3MBPS connection! cool).
    I now want to network to my other computers.
    They can use the HomePortal and connect to the internet at the same (cool!)
    I did the following:
    I opened up My Network Places and selected "set up a home or small office
    It seemed to work... letting me create e new profile - I called it
    I restarted and then went to the same My Network Connections.
    I then selected view workgroup computers and get the following error:

    "rm-home-network is not accessible. You may not have permission to use this
    network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you
    have access permissions.
    The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available."

    I have no other profiles created on my computer...

    I feel that previously I have damaged somthing on this desktop:

    I had oreviusly tried to create a profile and done something wrong.

    I cannot afford to pay huge amounts of money to Microsoft to get a ticket...
    they will not help me for free - and when I try they refer me to Sony... who
    equally will not help me for free.
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    Guest, Jan 9, 2005
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  2. Guest

    Malke Guest

    First, let's address something really important. You posted your cell
    phone number and unmunged email address on Usenet. This is a public
    newsgroup and it was a very bad idea. Please protect yourself in the
    future. Never give out your cell phone number like that - these are
    public groups that are read by thousands of people, archived by Google,
    and harvested by many spambots.

    Second, you didn't break anything so take a deep cleansing breath. Here
    are some links to help you set up your home network. Probably just
    re-running the Wizard again (and choosing Internet Gateway) will do the
    trick, but you may also need to configure your firewalls properly. (Home)
    (Pro) - Small Network Troubleshooter by
    Hans-Georg Michna

    Don't give up - you can do this and then you'll be pleased and happy.

    Malke, Jan 9, 2005
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    Carey Holzman, Jan 10, 2005
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