Error in the 70-290 study book? (MS Press)

Discussion in 'MCTS' started by X-DraGoN, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. X-DraGoN

    X-DraGoN Guest

    Here is the thing, I am currently preparing for the 70-290 exam and reached
    chapter 6 page 26 of this book (ISBN 0-7356-1437-7)
    I think there is an error there and thus went to see if Microsoft already
    knows about it on their errata site ( ) and it seems they don't.

    Let me explain: there are 2 dialogue boxes on the page, the upper one
    contains 2 entries of 'Project 101 team' (a team you've created earlier if
    you've done the practices). The first 'Project 101 team' is applied to This
    folder, subfolders and files. The second entry of 'Project 101 team' is
    applied to 'This folder and subfolders' (notice the difference between the
    two). The second dialogue box is an extract of a detail of the first one.
    Now here comes the catch, the last box gives a detail wich states it applies
    to 'This folder, subfolders and files' wich results in 'special
    permissions'. So, to my knowledge, there is something wrong there. Or the
    'apply onto' should change to "This folder and subfolders" or the above
    dialogue box is incorrect.

    If you guys have any remarks, questions or comments, please do not hesitate
    and post them, I'd like to see me proved wrong.

    Kind regards
    X-DraGoN, Apr 4, 2008
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  2. X-DraGoN

    Johann Guest

    I'll see if I have this book tonight and have a look for you.
    Johann, Apr 17, 2008
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  3. X-DraGoN

    Johann Guest

    Hi X-DraGoN,
    I think you might be right. It looks like they might have clicked on the
    entry above the 'special' permission entry. I haven't fired up my server and
    tested this, however it looks to me like it should show 'This folder and
    subfolders' in the 'Apply onto' dropdown box. when I click any entry in an
    ACL and click view (using Vista at the moment) it shows me the details of the
    selected entry, which in this case would be 'This folder and subfolders'.
    Those permissions look right for Read & Execute as well, so it's consistent
    with having the wrong one selected when clicking Edit. Which permissions do
    you have showing when you selet the 'special' entry and click edit?

    Johann, Apr 17, 2008
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