Epson Stylus Photo 780: Trash It Or Can It Be Saved?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Uncle_Alias, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. Uncle_Alias

    Uncle_Alias Guest

    Should I throw this thing in the trash or repair it and use it as a
    utility black and white printer on my second computer? That is what I
    am asking myself. The black nozzles became entirely clogged (after
    sitting for a few weeks) and I used up a color cartridge trying to
    clean it. Went down to Fry's Electronics and looked at cartridges. I
    decided I did not want to invest any more money in this printer and
    possibly waste or use up another cartridge trying to clean it (and now
    I discover I'm not the only one with an Epson with a history of
    clogging). Does anyone know where I can find instructions on taking
    apart this unit (I'm an ex computer technician) so that I can clean
    the heads manually? Is there a better way to clean them?

    I am thinking of getting a Canon i950 to replace the Epson. The
    quality of the output looked good, they use 6 separate ink tanks, they
    are quiet (Epson was noisy), attractively designed (Epson was ugly),
    and hopefully they don't clog so much!

    E. P.
    Uncle_Alias, Jul 3, 2003
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  2. Uncle_Alias

    Jim Waggener Guest

    Do a google search on cleaning clogged nozzles. There are some very good
    Try them before trashing it.
    Jim Waggener, Jul 3, 2003
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  3. I have owned several Epson's over the last number of years and I have never
    had clogged nozzles, including my current model 870.
    The worst thing for a printer is prolonged periods of inactivity.

    Brian Colwell, Jul 3, 2003
  4. Uncle_Alias

    Todd Walker Guest

    Check my page here for a few cleaning tips:

    This worked a few times on my 780. I finally got tired of the hassle
    every time I wanted to print something so I bought a Canon S820 and I've
    never looked back. I can go for weeks without printing on the Canon and
    it fires right up and prints beautiful pictures. Never a clog, not once.

    Get the i950 -- you won't be sorry.

    Todd Walker
    Olympus E20
    Canon G2
    My Digital Photography Weblog:

    Todd Walker, Jul 4, 2003
  5. Uncle_Alias

    Uncle_Alias Guest

    Very good. I'll try this method (and it beats having to take it

    (Putting the digital camera to good use on your Epson Windex Solution
    Instruciton Page (EWSIP for short) page I see. Nice job.)

    Thank you all for your replies. I'll try and let you know how it goes.

    E. P.
    Uncle_Alias, Jul 4, 2003
    Michael P Gabriel, Jul 4, 2003
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