EPSON 785 and magenta

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Argon3, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Argon3

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    Hi all,

    I bought an Oly E10 and an Epson 765epx at about the same time early last year.
    I've always printed my photos through my Mac...sometimes using the Olympus
    Camedia software and sometimes PS Elements. Camedia has been good for printing
    directly from RAW files...great color correct 8X10's with minimum effort. When
    I've had to print out of PS Elements, I've had to put in a significant minus
    magenta correction (like -20) to get close to a color balanced image.
    I recently tried the little PCMCIA adapter card that came with the printer for
    the first time to print directly from the Compact Flash card....guess
    what...the image is WAY too magenta straight off the card. I always thought
    that the magenta cast that I got with PS Elements was due to color management
    (the adobe rgb colorspace, etc...) but now I guess that it may just be the
    printer. I use an old Epson 740 printer as well and have very few problems
    with it, getting respectable color correctness with almost no adjustment.
    Does the 785 have some bias toward magenta just on its own? Has anyone else
    encountered anything like this? I assume that there's no adjustment that can
    be made to the printer that would correct this magenta bias...any thoughts?

    Argon3, Jul 17, 2003
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