EOS 20D Raw Files: why I don't see them in XP?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by R.Cortes, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. R.Cortes

    R.Cortes Guest

    I just purchased an EOS 20D, and I wwas doing some RAW files tests, but I
    could never see the files
    from XP Explorer. I had to put the card in a card reader, from where I
    finally could copy them to my
    Laptop. Is it normal? Or should I update a driver, program, camera setting?
    Another question, is there a way to avoid the camera create the folders
    CANON101, CANON102, and
    so on? For me it is better the old approach: All the files in a directory,
    or at least after a few hundreds, or
    maybe on a date-created basis.

    Thanks in Advance
    R.Cortes, Mar 29, 2005
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  2. R.Cortes

    Scott W Guest

    This is normal but a pain.

    You can either use the canon software for transfering you photos, which
    is not so good, or
    you can get a card reader, which is what I and most people have done.
    With a card reader
    the raw files show up just like you would think they should.

    Don't know how to keep it from making the folders, I reformat from time
    to time to clear them

    Scott W, Mar 29, 2005
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  3. R.Cortes

    R.Cortes Guest

    Thanks a lot Scott, so I will have to wait for an upgrade or similar.

    R.Cortes, Mar 29, 2005
  4. Xp does not download RAW files.

    Use the EOS Viewer Software that came with the camera.

    When you connect the 20D you will seee it as a new drive, click in until you
    see the folder with your pictures.

    Drag and drop this to your harddrive.

    You can then use the EOSV of DPP supplied with the camera or a 3rd party RAW
    converter to convert to TIF or JPG after making the conversion adjustments
    you need.

    NB you can only work on the PC harddrive and not on the camera.

    Lester Wareham, Mar 30, 2005
  5. Can you shoot RAW+JPG on that camera? Shoot both and use the JPEG for
    reference, i.e., thumbnails.

    Also regarding the folders, you can't do anything about that but after you
    copy from your camera, in Windows Explorer, search for all files, *.CRW,
    then cut paste from the search results (from the multiple folders) to a
    single new folder.
    Dave R knows who, Mar 31, 2005
  6. R.Cortes

    Douglas Guest

    A common misconception (we should all wear condoms) is that CR2 and CRW
    files are images. They are not! They are the raw data from the camera and
    while some applications can make an image from the data to display, you
    can't actually edit one of these files until it is converted to an image.
    The camera's onboard processor can convert the data to an image file
    (usually jpg) but in doing this often discards data which could be used to
    repair blown highlights or muddied shadows.

    The only reason for saving as a RAW file is so you can control what, where
    and how the data is converted at a later date. One example of essential RAW
    capture is DxO's raw converter. This number uses the raw data to fix
    problems with lenses during conversion. Yeah... Even the fabled "L" series
    lenses are able to be improved on with this converter and the 'kit' lenses
    results start to look very like those from uncorrected "L" series lenses!

    Otherwise... Jpg is probably a better format for many people to save in.
    Once you have mastered the custom functions of the camera which let you
    sharpen, brighten and enhance an image during the camera's conversion, you
    could just plug in your flash card to an Epson Picturemate or similar and
    get prints which have been converted to your specifications during shooting.

    Personally I thing far too much blind faith is put in shooting RAW. There is
    plenty of scope for creating your own jpg profile and having the camera do
    all the work instead of needing a major investment in software just to get
    more work for yourself!

    Douglas, Mar 31, 2005
  7. R.Cortes

    R.Cortes Guest

    Thanks a lot for all the responses. BTW, has anybody found he best
    compromise in the EOS 20D camera settings
    (parameters), to get the "best" jpg image? I mean the sharpest and colorful
    image? When I shoot with the default
    values (all 0), I find the images underexposed, even when I use the 580EX
    flash. The images from my Finepix S700
    are far better than the ones from my 20D. Am I missing something?

    R.Cortes, Mar 31, 2005
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