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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Mauro Poletto, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. For some time now I am having the following problem: after booting into
    Windows 2000 Pro Sp3, I try to open Internet Explorer, or Notepad, Windows
    media plalyer, or any other program, I get the following message:
    "Iexplorer.exe - Entry Point Not found
    The procedure entry pint CreateSemaphoseA could not be located in the
    dynamic link library KERNEL32.DLL" --> this is in case of Internet explorer,
    but it happens with any program.

    If I open the program just after boot time it works, but if I try after say
    2-3 minutes of boot time than I haven't got a chance.

    Anyone had the same problem?
    BTW, I have firewall and AVG antivirus running all the time.

    Mauro Poletto, Jul 3, 2004
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  2. Mauro Poletto

    Unk Guest

    Try the easiest first:

    Goto the Windows update site and get any new patches.


    Try reinstalling Sp3. A search for "Entry Point not Found" showed most of
    these errors were caused by a corrupt Sp3.


    Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Internet Options
    Click the "General" tab, Under "Temporary Internet Files", click the "Delete
    Files" button, check the box, "Delete all offline content", "OK". After it
    finishes, click the "Settings" button and lower the amount of disk space to
    use to 20 Meg. Click "OK", "Apply". That will increase your hard drive
    space by how much was in that folder. I've seen it well over a gig. Folders
    that big are prone to crosslinked files. Clear it weekly, or sooner,
    especially if IE starts acting funny.

    Also click the "Advanced" tab, scroll down to "Security", and check the box,
    "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed", click
    "Apply", "OK"
    Unk, Jul 3, 2004
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