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    Are you still puzzled in enjoying MTS videos on iPod, iPhone, or other
    players? Then you must convert MTS to those players supporting
    formats. However,with high conversion speed and quality, 4Videosoft
    http://www.4videosoft.com/mts-converter.htmlMTS Converter and
    4Videosoft http://www.4videosoft.com/mts-converter-for-mac.htmlMTS
    Converter for Mac enables you to enjoy MTS videos on your players to
    your heaet's content. This practical tool can convert MTS to AVI, MTS
    to MP4, MTS to VOB, MTS to iPod/iPhone and others. What's more, this
    MTS Converter accepts TS, M2TS, MOD, TOD, WMV, FLV, AVI, MP4, 3GP, RM
    and so on as the inputing formats. The following detail guide will
    help you to convert MTS video to other video fomats quickly.

    For windows users
    What you need?
    Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP and Windows Vista
    Part One: How to convert MTS video to pop video formats
    Step 0: download, install and run it simply by clicking 4Videosoft
    http://www.4videosoft.com/download/mts-converter.exe MTS Converter
    Step 1: Click “Add files” button to import videos.
    Step 2: Extend the "Profile" category to select an output format.
    Step 3: Click “Open Folder” button to open your output destination
    Step 4: Click the “START” to convert.


    What's more, this converter enables you to better enjoy the video with
    its extra functions: Effect, Trim and Crop
    1.Video effect adjusting:
    If you want to make some special effect to the video, you can realize
    it by setting brightness, contrast and saturation etc. You will get an
    intuitive preview of the video effect before and after adjusting with
    two real-time previewing panes.


    2. Video Triming:
    The "Trim" function also servers as a video splitter for you to get
    any time-length video episode. You can set the "Start Time" and "End
    Time" to set the exact time-length of the clip or you can directly
    drag the slide bar to the position you want.


    3. Video Cropping:
    Click "Crop" and you can resize the video. You can get the desired
    size of video for your player by selecting aspect ratio, dragging
    cropping frame or setting the related parameters.


    Part Two: How to convert MTS video to pop video formats on mac
    The following step-by-step guide will show you how to complete the
    conversion task. First, download 4Videosoft
    Converter for Mac
    Step 1: Install and run the software
    After installing and running the software, you will see the main
    interface as below.


    Step 2: Add File
    Click "Add File" button on the toolbar or "File > Add File" to load
    Step 3: Choose output format
    Choose the file, click "Profile" drop-down button to choose the format
    you need, then click "Browse"
    button to choose destination folder for saving output files.
    Step 4: Getting started convertion
    After choosing the format, you just need to click "START" button to
    start the task.

    By the way, there are some other good converters I'd like to share
    with you, Hope they can help you more.
    4Videosofthttp://www.4videosoft.com/hd-converter.htmlHD Converter
    aganda amrk, Jan 8, 2010
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