Enabling NUMA in Windows Server 2003 x64

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Guest, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I am relatively new to using Windows Server, and I'm having a little trouble
    getting NUMA optimizations to work. I've read a bit about Window's SRAT, but
    I don't know is needed to enable it. Right now, I have a 4 socket system,
    with 8 processors, and the performance is horrible because the system is not
    using any NUMA optimizations.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Guest, Jul 15, 2006
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  2. Guest

    mabra Guest

    Hi !

    Although I am not NUMA specialist, I am using a Tyan MoBo and the SRAT
    settings are in the BIOS and disabled by default [possibly, because I
    use a dual-core and not dual processors].

    Just a hint.

    Best regards,
    mabra, Jul 16, 2006
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You only need the SRAT when you have multiple processors. I have a 4 socket
    (8 processor) system. I have memory interleave disabled (i.e. the system
    should use the SRAT), however, the performance is horrible and I'm almost
    certain its due to not using the SRAT.

    Does anyone know how to:
    1. Check if the SRAT/NUMA optimizations are being used?
    2. Turn them on?

    My understanding is that it should be automatic if you are using Windows
    Server 2003 EE x64, but I'm not seeing that happen.


    Guest, Jul 16, 2006
  4. Guest

    Peter Lawton Guest

    If you run SiSoft Sandra benchmark software on the machine it'll display the
    NUMA information on the "Hardware" / "Mainboard" Information tab, or if you
    run the "Cache & Memory" benchmark.

    Peter Lawton

    Peter Lawton, Jul 16, 2006
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Thanks for the response, I appreciate it.
    Is there any way around this? Could I poke around the system configuration
    info to find the same stuff (obviously I can't get the same data from a
    memory benchmark...).

    The reason I ask is that I would *strongly* prefer not to install anything
    on the machine other than what is currently on it.

    For instance, wouldn't the task manager look slightly different for a NUMA
    aware system?

    Guest, Jul 16, 2006
  6. Guest

    Peter Lawton Guest

    I don't know how Sandra detects the NUMA parameters I'm afraid, although it
    doesn't have to actually run the benchmark to detect them, they're on the
    Information tab before you even run the benchmark, so I assume it must read
    them from the BIOS and system somehow.

    I haven't noticed any difference in Task Manger on our Opteron HP DL585
    servers, that definately are using NUMA, from our older Intel HP DL580 Intel
    based servers that aren't NUMA.

    Peter Lawton

    Peter Lawton, Jul 16, 2006
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