EMUTEL 15 port BRI / 2 port PRI ISDN simulator help wanted

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by z400d3, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. z400d3

    z400d3 Guest


    I've just picked up a EMUTEL 15 port BRI / 2 port PRI ISDN simulator
    and have found the following issue with it.

    [1]. If I plug a router ISDN BRI interface into one of the EMUTEL's
    BRI ports when the EMUTEL is on, the BRI port on the EMUTEL won't come
    live until I power cycle the simulator.

    [2]. This is the same, if the EMUTEL's port is live, and I reload the
    router, it (the EMUTEL) looses sight of the router.

    If the EMUTEL is powered on AFTER the router is connected it works
    great. However, if one of the above occurs [points 1,2] then it stops
    with a layer 1 DEACTIVATED status reported by the router.

    In the EMUTEL software there is an option to enable power feeding,
    which hints to solve this, but this has no effect.

    Has anyone any experience of this, any information would be most
    welcomed, or, if anyone knows of a software upgrade / workaround.

    Drop the ZZZ to reply

    Cheers ...
    z400d3, Feb 7, 2005
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