Email Problem - Sending With Broadband

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Slightly Aggravated, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. I just upgraded to Telecom Broadband. Everything seems to be
    working OK, except one item.

    I have my own domain, which I use for email. I can download
    email right now. However, since switching to broadband, I cannot
    send any email out.

    I am using an old version of Eudora, with the SMTP field set to
    this format:

    With "example" be replaced by my domain.

    This has always worked before. I also tried my backup Xtra
    dialup account, and sending mail out still works OK through that.

    But when I try to send through the broadband connection, Eudora
    attempts to connect to the above-mentioned server, but it times
    out without responding. Although a ping command to the server
    works OK.

    I have the Xtra Single PC Self-Install Kit, with the D-Link
    DSL-502T router. With Windows 98, and USB connection.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Perhaps there is some setting
    in the router that needs to be changed?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
    Slightly Aggravated, Jan 14, 2008
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  2. Slightly Aggravated

    thingy Guest

    Try smarthosting through xtra's smtp server(s)....if it works the rest
    is probably being blocked....however from experience we know that smtp
    servers on the end of an adsl link seem to have many "micro breaks" and
    just do not work....which really p*sses off little one man bands who use
    them...they prefer to blame us.....


    thingy, Jan 14, 2008
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  3. Slightly Aggravated

    peter Guest

    I think I read somewhere that Xtra blocks this sort of internet traffic.
    Have you asked the Xtra helpdesk?


    peter, Jan 14, 2008
  4. Slightly Aggravated

    Ralph Fox Guest

    Q. What of the other 'net settings for this server
    Port number: 25 ?
    Secure connection: No ?

    Ralph Fox, Jan 14, 2008
  5. Slightly Aggravated

    Dave Taylor Guest

    Contact Telecom and let them know you want port 25 unblocked. They used to
    have an online form you filled out with your router info and it would be
    I cannot find the link anymore because I don't use telecom services, but I
    did have some customers who did and needed this feature.
    It was a simple URL from memory, something like
    Just tried it and it redirects to the correct place.
    Dave Taylor, Jan 14, 2008
  6. Slightly Aggravated

    geoff Guest

    You need to enter as your outgoing server, if connecting via
    Xtra. Your outgoing e emails will still appear to come from your domain, it
    just like that NZ Post owns the letter box you stick your letter into.

    Your own domain name is irrelevant, unless you have your own smtp and pop3
    servers running on your domain...

    geoff, Jan 14, 2008
  7. Slightly Aggravated

    Richard Guest

    No, they will go into the spam folder or else just get dropped by the
    recipient mail server since they are being spoofed - you should always
    send via a server that is the MX for the domain being sent from, or has
    SPF records created on the domain authorizing it as a source of emails
    for that domain.

    Some will say to add xtra into your SPF records to let you send thru it,
    thats the stupidest idea ever since the same server accepts
    unauthenticated smtp from a whole userbase well known for their ability
    to get backdoored and trojened with great regularity.

    When domain keys start being required, would you
    Richard, Jan 15, 2008
  8. There is no such requirement. MX records are for _receiving_ mail, not
    sending it.
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Jan 16, 2008
  9. Slightly Aggravated

    Richard Guest

    Yes, but they are used as an anti spam measure. Its widely known that
    you run the risk of it hitting the spam folder by relaying via an
    unrelated email server.

    You also conveniently enough cut off the other part where I said about
    the spf records, which is the other way to authorize the mail server for
    your domain.
    Richard, Jan 16, 2008
  10. Not a very effective one. I'm not aware of any reputable anti-spam service
    that places much reliance on this criterion.
    And which was, interestingly enough, embraced by spammers.
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Jan 16, 2008
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