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Discussion in 'MCTS' started by Olivier R., Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Olivier R.

    Olivier R. Guest

    Good day everyone,

    Would anybody know if it is possible to buy electronic versions (PDFs for
    example) of the MCTS Self-Paced Training Kits? (Exam 70-680 in my case)

    If so do they include a possibility to download the content of the CD/DVD
    that comes with the book?

    Many thanks

    Olivier R., Oct 21, 2009
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  2. Olivier R.

    John R Guest

    I don't know if it is possible to buy them separately, but they come on the
    CD with the printed books when you purchase them. I'm not sure about
    70-680, but they've come with every other kit that I have purchased (about
    15 or so). My guess is that if they were sold separately, that the price
    difference wouldn't be that significant anyway.

    John R
    John R, Oct 21, 2009
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  3. You can access *online* versions of the entire MSPress library, and the
    subscription includes download rights to a limited amount of content via a
    special subscription at Books24x7.com -- see
    http://microsofteref.books24x7.com/partnerspecial.asp for details.

    Lawrence Garvin, M.S., MCITP:EA, MCDBA
    Principal/CTO, Onsite Technology Solutions, Houston, Texas
    Microsoft MVP - Software Distribution (2005-2009)

    My Blog: http://onsitechsolutions.spaces.live.com
    Microsoft WSUS Website: http://www.microsoft.com/wsus
    My MVP Profile: http://mvp.support.microsoft.com/profile/Lawrence.Garvin
    Lawrence Garvin [MVP], Oct 21, 2009
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