Eid Promotion: Selling Routes

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Lubna Mahar, Nov 12, 2010.

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    Eid ul-Azha is an important time for many of our loyal customers, who want
    to make high quality calls to loved ones to speak with friends and family.
    Breezecom on this auspicious event likes to wish all the customers Eid

    We provide Quality routes to enhance your Business during Eid time with
    Direct, Stable, Excellent high quality and Huge Capacity to the following

    • Pakistan: Premium CLI
    • India: Premium CLI
    • Bangladesh: Premium CLI / Non CLI
    • Bahrain: Premium Non CLI
    • Saudi Arabia: Premium CLI
    • Iran: Premium CLI
    • Egypt: Premium CLI / Non CLI
    • Kuwait: Premium Non CLI
    • Oman: Premium Non CLI
    • Qatar: Premium Non CLI
    • Turkey: Premium CLI
    • UAE: Premium CLI / Premium Non CLI
    • Yemen: Premium Non CLI

    "Now Easy Western Union Quick Pay/ PayPal/ Bank Wire, Payment Option also
    Available with Online CDRâ€

    Billing: 1/1
    Payment Terms: Prepay.

    Please send us your target rates and volumes of these destinations. For
    further details please contact the undersigned.


    Lubna Mahar
    Assistant Manager - Business Development


    Lubna Mahar
    Assistant Manager - Business Development


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    Lubna Mahar, Nov 12, 2010
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