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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by what, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. what

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    Hi all

    On a 6513 with sup720 I'm using a class map to identify WAN traffic,
    and a policy map applied to the output of our WAN interface to
    rate-limit this traffic to 30Meg. This seems to work fine.

    For QOS I'm using 4 class-maps to identify different types of traffic
    and a policy map to re-write dscp to provide priority for voice
    traffic. The dscp to cos map then sets the cos to 5 for traffic
    identified by our "gold" class-map. I can see the cos bits are being
    rewritten, and a -show mls qos IP- reveals that traffic is being
    classified to the correct class-map type ie gold, silver, bronze and
    However the priority egress queue (4) on the WAN interface doesn't
    seem to be working and neither does the WRR servicing of the other 3
    queues.(1,2 and 3) so qos doesn't work.

    The egress queues never seem to drop a packet. Even if I remove the
    rate-limit policy and set the speed of the WAN interface to 10Mb and
    try to iperf a gig through it, a -show queueing int gi9/40- says 0
    packets dropped for each queue. It also show the
    -queue-thresh-cos-map- looks ok. ie cos 5 to queue 4, others to queues

    Is there some trick required to utilise the egress queues on a 6500?

    Thanks in advance
    what, Aug 6, 2004
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