editing ,color correcting , skin tones in photoshop ?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Nickyvonbuskergr, May 25, 2004.

  1. can someone please describe a workflow(photoshop actions ) to edit, color
    correct and adjust skin tones using creative suite (photoshop 8 im sure u know
    that )
    can i buy a disc with these actions on them ?
    i have seen it done by a local paper photographer , if i remember correctly ,
    he went to color saturations and set
    cyan 20-30 %
    magenta 20-40 %
    yellow 20%
    black 0 %
    after croping then sharpended between 125-175 % then it was ready to print at
    whatever size you croped it to ?.
    does this sound right ?, any tips ?.
    how do you guys do this ?
    Nickyvonbuskergr, May 25, 2004
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  2. There is no magic bullet...you have to set it up for what works for your
    situation. Since the photog you saw prints on newsprint he has specific
    needs. They mirror mine and here is what all that means.

    Do it a couple of times to get the idea...then make your own action.

    First crop and size and set your mode to CMYK.
    Change curves...this is something called under color removal or grey
    component removal...or something like that. You see, CMY together makes
    grey...but the K should be handling the grey so you are laying it in twice
    and with newsprint the colors can get muddy if too much ink is laid in.
    So...he drops the amount of CMY...I do mine with curves that dip a bit in
    the midtones...that is not a scientific choice...but it seems to work OK.

    Now...you are about ready...and this is why I start with sizing...you should
    size before you sharpen...if you don't size and crop first then you can't do
    it as one action. For newsprint I use Sharpen More. Works for me but I am
    thinking about see if the Unsharp Mask might be better...but better only
    matters if it shows up in the final work...and very little improvement shows
    up in newsprint.

    Lastly...save as to a specific place...PS remembers this place and you don't
    want to change it all the time...and you have no reason to save for later so
    you can clear this area out every issue. And then close. Now stop recording
    your action ( I forget this step too often to admit to!)

    Now...you bring in a "stack" of work and open up all the promising
    ones...crop and minimize them. All you have to do now is keep hitting the
    action button until all the photos are gone. Your Editor will think you are
    a wizard on the computer when really your "wizard" did all the work.
    Gene Palmiter, May 25, 2004
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  3. Nickyvonbuskergr

    bmoag Guest

    You really need to get a basic Photoshop book and work your way through it.
    If you are prepping images for offset printing you work in CMYK.
    However all other digital imaging devices
    (cameras/scanners/printers/monitors) are set for RGB (adobe RGB or sRGB) and
    that is the color space to work through.
    There are autofunctions in PS for color and levels but they are not very
    bmoag, May 26, 2004
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