Ed Wood "When Carol Met Larry" Featurette MAY Be Accessed!

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by unclejr, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. unclejr

    unclejr Guest

    Hello NG,

    I was browsing eBay for the recalled (2nd Generation) Ed Wood SE DVD,
    but I refused to pay the exorbitant prices that the eBay sellers want
    for it. One clue that I kept reading over and over from the auction
    listings is that the recalled (2nd Generation) DVD has a silver/grey
    spine. Interesting...

    Skip ahead a couple of weeks to my visit to Best Buy. I was browsing
    the Comedy DVD section, and lo and behold there were FOUR Ed Wood DVDs
    with a silver/grey spine! Excitedly, I looked at the back of the keep
    case on each of them and there was (and is) no mention of the recalled
    short, "When Carol Met Larry" listed. :-( Okay, so I took a chance
    anyway, and I purchased one for $20. I took it home, and sure enough,
    there is no access to "When Carol Met Larry" from the menus on my main
    DVD player. :-( Hmmm...

    Skip ahead another week. On a whim, I put the DVD into my computer's
    drive and let DVD Shrink do its thing. Well, whadya know?... Title 16
    is 9 minutes and 24 seconds long, is 316 MB, and (most importantly)
    *IS* the "When Carol Met Larry" featurette! According to DVD
    Decrypter, it turns out that it is VTS_12_01.VOB. I went back to my
    three DVD players and tried to access Title 16, but I couldn't,
    apparently because the disc has a "User Prohibition" flag in order to
    not allow access to this title (like the unskippable movie previews on
    Universal DVDs which doesn't allow you to get to the main menu with the
    "menu" button on your remote).

    Obviously, I "re-authored" a DVD-R that has the featurette on it and
    have included it into my Ed Wood SE DVD keep case, not that the
    featurette was any big deal to me (kind of ho-hum, really). I'm
    calling my DVD a "2.5 Generation" DVD. This is because it has a
    silver/grey spine (like the 2nd Generation's spine and not the 3rd
    Generation's black spine), and it has the "When Carol Met Larry" not
    accessible from the menu or from a DVD player, but accessible through
    DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter.

    What I want to know is that for the folks out there who have the "3rd
    Generation" SE DVD (the one with the black spine), is the "When Carol
    Met Larry" featurette accessible if you use DVD Shrink or DVD

    I hope that some of you find this (rather modest) discovery

    unclejr, Mar 13, 2005
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  2. unclejr

    Bill Guest

    I found/purchased the recalled R1 version of "Ed Wood" last year (gray
    spine, as is mentioned on the Ebay listings that you speak of) on the
    scheduled release date at a local Blockbuster. "When Carol Met Larry" isn't
    mentioned anywhere on the DVD jacket, suggesting that it was indeed never
    meant to be included in the R1 version, but it's accessible via the second
    screen of the "Bonus Material" menu (which reads, in order, "When Carol Met
    Larry," "Pie Plates Over Hollywood," "Theatrical Trailer," "Audio
    Commentary," and "Deleted Scenes.").

    If you've purchased a version of "Ed Wood" with the gray spine, and the
    featurette cannot be accessed without using DVD Shrink, I'm guessing that
    Touchstone has released a batch of the newer DVDs with the older jacket that
    was printed for the recalled version.
    Bill, Mar 13, 2005
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