eBay buyers beware!!! BRAND NEW Kodak DCS Pro 14n for $1600??

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Nikki, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Nikki

    Nikki Guest

    eBay #2956576634. Attempts to contact the seller (indicated to be in
    the Seattle-Tacoma area from the feedback) resulted in a reply from
    Italy, asking for payment by Western Union.

    Why is it that eBay makes such an effort to protect these fraudulent
    sellers, yet at the same time requires nearly 30 minutes of hassle to
    report such activity? The problem here appears to be that scammers
    are fraudulently hijacking user IDs and feedback information, so
    beware of eBay's camera ads until things get under control.
    Nikki, Oct 9, 2003
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  2. Nikki

    PiZzazA Guest

    ebay has been quite responsive in investigating suspected frauds. I reported
    three cases in the last month, and every time resulted in cancellation of
    auction in 24-48 hours. In all cases, the ebay accounts were hacked. The
    original owners were victims rather than fraudsters. This is likely to be
    the case here.
    PiZzazA, Oct 9, 2003
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  3. GREED!!! People see a multi-thousand dollar piece of equipment for 10% of
    it's real value. Their brains turn to tapioca! Then they send a wad of their
    hard earned money off to eastern europe, making some warlord rich....
    Darrell Larose, Oct 9, 2003
  4. Nikki

    Nikki Guest

    Yeah, well I think that most anyone's brain (including my own) would
    turn to tapioca if they thought they could actually buy a 14n for
    $1600. The point here is that a more careful thief could now hijack
    an ID and feedback history that more closely agrees with what one
    might expect. For example, what if this camera had been priced at
    about $3200 and the seller had feedback showing several successful
    big-ticket camera sales? This implies that you cannot depend on eBay
    feedback, and if you can't do that anymore you don't dare use eBay for
    any purchases you can't easily afford to throw money away on.

    I'm pretty disappointed with both eBay and Yahoo auctions for their
    exceptional effort in protecting sellers at the expense of unwary
    buyers. This policy may serve them in the short term, since their
    money comes from seller's fees, but in the long run could result in
    strict federal controls (long overdue IMHO).
    Nikki, Oct 9, 2003
  5. Nikki

    PiZzazA Guest

    Greed is not the right word. Everybody is looking for bargains or better
    deals. If you have a chance to buy something at 10 cents on the dollar, will
    you refuse it? The problem in this case is, some of the people are either
    too naive or do not have sound judgment. There was a segment in 60 Minutes
    interviewing a previous ebay fraudster. A good portion of our population is
    just too naive and too kind to ask the necessary questions and take the
    necessary steps to protect themselves. They got cheated regardless if they
    were greedy or not.
    PiZzazA, Oct 9, 2003
  6. Nikki

    George Guest

    Very likely...I got an email today alleging to be from eBay asking me to
    confirm my account/password/name or the account would be "restricted".
    Looking at the source (HTML) code, the reply wouldn't go to the eBay domain.
    George, Oct 9, 2003
  7. Federal? What federation? Is their a federation of the internet? Who elected
    Andrew Davidson, Oct 10, 2003
  8. Nikki

    Mark B. Guest

    Only a complete & utter idiot would think one of these deals was legit.

    Mark B., Oct 10, 2003
  9. Nikki

    Nikki Guest

    Well then, here's another for you: eBay #2956831922. Compare the two
    ads and you'll see it's the same scam going on. They're also doing
    this with laptop computers and other expensive in-demand items. If
    eBay is to continue to be successful, they need to consider the other
    half of the seller/buyer equation. It's not just the profits they get
    from sellers that's at issue, it's the whole future of on-line
    auctions. I should add that after reporting these auctions to eBay,
    they are still posted, so must assume they have not been investigated
    after at least 12 hours.

    Interestingly, eBay just recently opened their office in Italy, and
    this appears to coincide with the recent epidemic of fraud from perps
    asking for money to sent to Western Union offices in Rome.

    At what point would YOU consider one of these auctions to be legit?
    When the 14n was priced at $3600? $3800? That's not the problem here.
    These ads are simply copied from earlier legit ads, with a few items
    changed, usually insisting on payment other than PayPal, or requiring
    "pre-approval" to bid. Non of this is anything unusual by itself.

    So to be more constuctive about this, can anyone suggest a few
    questions to ask the seller in order to weed out this epidemic of
    fraud artists?
    Nikki, Oct 10, 2003
  10. Nikki

    Bob Niland Guest

    Most of these auctions (not just DCS-14n's, but
    plasma TVs, LCD monitors, laptops), are done
    using hijacked eBay accounts with perfect

    If you look at the recent transactions, they
    are often someone who was buying Beanie Babies,
    and now has a 14n for sale? Right. Sure.

    The scammers got the password via one of those
    spoof emails.

    The scams are 3-day auctions (because that's how
    slow eBay's crack anti-fraud squad is), have
    a BIN at a too-attractive price, email usually
    goes to someplace like Spain (.es) and payment
    goes via Western Union to someplace like
    Romania (.ro).
    They'll tell whatever they think you want to
    hear, but here's one:

    Can my cousin Emilio, who lives near you, come
    pick up the camera and pay cash?

    Regards, PO Box 248
    Bob Niland Enterprise
    mailto: Kansas USA
    which, due to spam, is: 67441-0248
    email4rjn AT yahoo DOT com

    Unless otherwise specifically stated, expressing
    personal opinions and NOT speaking for any
    employer, client or Internet Service Provider.
    Bob Niland, Oct 10, 2003
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