Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by mat.viguier, May 20, 2012.

  1. mat.viguier

    mat.viguier Guest

    I though i was clever, but I can't configure correctly myslef my wifi dongle. I tried pretty everything (I though about) and the wifi freze (lost signal/dongle/IPv4 ?).

    I need help in order to restart my debug from scratch.
    Please, because i think i have already tested all the solutions and searched for a resolution, where would you start if you were me ?

    Thanks a lot :)

    RTL8192SU with firmware RTL non-free OK
    wireless tools OK
    Wicd OK
    radio for Wifi OK
    mode B,G,N tested
    w/wout cypher (WPA2/PSK)

    i'm lost !
    mat.viguier, May 20, 2012
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  2. mat.viguier

    mat.viguier Guest

    Le dimanche 20 mai 2012 12:12:34 UTC+2, a écrit :

    please read DEBIAN 6.0.5 :)
    mat.viguier, May 20, 2012
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