Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Frank Williams, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. I am now on my 3rd unite, fist one just fails would not boot, the second
    one seems to be unstable and a few thing would fail, like the set
    recordings, now the 3rd one with a bit later firmware has a few problems
    the Antenna Pass through (Standby) causes lot of Pixilation on the TV,
    the PVR also loses its TV video now and again, sound OK, this is on all

    Seems like the WD hardrive runs all the time even when the PVR is in
    standby and also in LPM

    But other than that it work OK..

    I am unable to find any cheap PVR that works lots of sites here and OZZ
    mention that they are all unreliable, even a Grundig model sold in OZZ.

    The Panasonic is only the good one left but with a 250GB HD and only 37
    Hours HD and 105H SD recoding its just a waste of money and way over
    priced, that's been quoted here, UK and OZZ.

    Why do we allow importers to sell such crap and with bad support.

    The shop that I brought it from is totally fed up with the failures on
    products they sell and it not just the no name Chinese brands.

    Very hard to find review of the NZ models due to are standard that we
    use and restrictions that are placed by Freeview here.

    Ive been thinking that the DishTV T1050 might work as its a twin tuner
    model, the T1020 does not, to much pixilations. and the price is not to

    All I wish to do is to replace a VCR can any one help

    Frank Williams, Apr 4, 2012
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