DVR-108 stopped formating new DVD-RW disks

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Yo Ho Ho, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Yo Ho Ho

    Yo Ho Ho Guest

    Strange thing happened today. I created two data ISO's with Ultra ISO
    and after formating, by erasing in Alcohol 120%, I burnt the first one
    to a DVD+RW disk no problem. When I went to burn the second one Alcohol
    said to erase it to format the disk which I did but when I went to burn
    to the disk after that it failed and said to format the disk again. I
    tried to erase/format again but noticed that it would only erase to 2%
    and then jump to 100% and say finished. If I then check the disk in
    Alcohols CD/DVD manager it shows the disk as unformated and empty. This
    goes on and on with lots of different DVD-RW disks and I also tried to
    erase/format with TMPGenc DVD Author. It will not erase/format Read
    Write disks at all, I presume because it sees that the disks ARE empty,
    they are all new disks. If I try to burn something with TMPGenc DVD Author
    it fails

    with some stupid generic error.

    I went to Pioneer's site and updated the burner to the latest 1.20
    firmware and it's still doing the same thing. I removed the burner and
    controller from device manager and reinstalled them and it's still doing

    So,I just found a DVD-RW disk that had some data on it from a previous
    test of something and tried to erase and burn to it. The dvr-108 erased
    it compleatly with no problem and Alcohol cd/dvd manager showed it as a
    formated, empty DVD-RW disk ready for writing. Sure enough I burnt the
    image I was trying to burn earlier to that disk with no problem.

    It seems that it just will not format new disks anymore. It will do
    everything else just fine. Can anyone else give me any ideas to try out?
    Yo Ho Ho, Jul 25, 2005
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