DVG-1402S and DI-784 - intriguing problem - advice please!

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by heweaver, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. heweaver

    heweaver Guest

    I have a D-link DI-784 Wireless router. I only have one wireless
    machine (laptop) and then 3 wired connections. I use the DI-784 router
    because of its simple built in DDNS feature.

    I bought the DVG-1402S device. My VOIP service is working, however
    here is my issue...

    If I put the VOIP router first, like I would prefer to do, and then
    output from there to my DI-784, then my DI-784's built in DDNS will not
    resolve to my public internet IP, but instead it tries to resolve to
    its own internal IP that was issued to it from the DVG device. This
    prevents me from doing anything with my DDNS domain name. Even if I
    just ping my DDNS name from another PC on the internet somewhere, it
    tells me it is trying to resolve to 192.168.15.whatever.

    If I put the DI-784 first so I can still use DDNS, then I lose the
    ability to prioritize traffic over the DVG device...

    So then I decided to just run my DI-784 router first, then only have my
    wireless laptop connected to it, and then plug all the other machines
    into the DVG device so at least they will be prioritized. Whenever
    they get the default IP from the DVG device (plugged in in this manner)
    those machines are on a different sub-net than the laptop, and I am
    unable to network between the PC's. I then tried changing the settings
    on the DVG device to try to place the machines plugged into it on the
    same subnet. This allowed my machines to network, but for some reason,
    I cannot connect to the admin page on the DVG device (I made sure it
    had a different IP than my DI-784 does, but I still cannot connect.

    And for some reason now, with my DI-784 plugged in first, I have
    noticed now that incoming calls on the caller ID are being displayed as
    coming from 4 hours in the future...so I don't know what to do to fix

    Does anyone see a way I could put the DVG first and still be able to
    use the DDNS feature of the DI-784? Or if not, is there at least a way
    I can set it up so all machines would be networked and I could still
    connect to the admin page of the DVG?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    heweaver, Sep 3, 2005
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  2. heweaver

    Paul Guest

    I was going to read your entire post, then I saw D-link.
    If you want to avoid a huge headache, don't use D-link.
    As for your calls from the future, check the time zone settings on your voip
    device (if it has them).
    Be careful though, the thing might crash because you clicked submit when the
    activity light flashed.
    (ok yeah I read most of your post)
    I'd suggest just disabling the NAT features in your router and using it as a
    wireless access point only, then use the voip device as a router.
    You'll want to disable DHCP too.
    As for your dynamic DNS, use a windows based client.
    Good luck
    Paul, Sep 4, 2005
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  3. heweaver

    heweaver Guest

    I already have d-link and probably won't swap out anytime soon. I
    picked them because of price, and for the most part they work great.

    I had to adjust the time zone settings like you said, but had to pick
    atlantic rather than EST to get it to come up right, despite the fact I
    live in EST...

    If I ever change routers, I may spend the extra money then to get
    something better...
    heweaver, Sep 11, 2005
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