DVDSOON are scumbags

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by New Player, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. New Player

    New Player Guest

    Surprisingly I read a lot of good things about dvdsoon on these newsgroups.
    Personally I think they are scum.
    An order that supposedely shipped over 2 months ago still has not arrived
    and doubt it ever will.
    Multiple emails to them have yielded no replies. I know they have been read
    as I get read receipts for every message.
    Can anybody tell me if they have been through something like this or what
    else I can do about it other than bagging them on the newsgroups?
    New Player, Dec 30, 2004
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  2. New Player

    NewcastleBoy Guest

    I encourage people to simply not order from them.

    Order through DVDPACIFIC instead...

    NewcastleBoy, Dec 31, 2004
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  3. New Player

    goforit Guest

    Funny, that's what I think of em.

    Don't even bother emailing them. Make yourself a coffee with that spare 5
    minutes. Least you would be doing something useful. Only thing you can do is
    cancel your pending orders. They don't listen to anything elese, including
    that pathetic forum at DVDSwaps. Just a publicity stunt that has gone wrong.
    They have even begun to stop answering questions over there too.
    goforit, Dec 31, 2004
  4. ["Followup-To:" header set to aus.dvd.]
    Email them saying that you're disputing the charge, and do so. 60 days
    may be over the limit for the credit card company, but if you indicate
    that it's for an order that was supposed to have shipped and never
    arrived, they (the credit card company, that is) may just work with you
    (especially if you haven't disputed charges before.)
    Refuse to order from them. It's really all you can do.
    Stuart Lamble, Dec 31, 2004
  5. I've placed many orders with dvdsoon over the last three years,
    haven't had any difficulty dealing with them. I am in Canada, though,
    and the packages have tracking information (they are headquartered in
    Montreal). Your email address indicates Australia - is there any
    tracking for international shipments?
    Maureen Goldman, Dec 31, 2004
  6. New Player

    Lester Bangs Guest

    Hey FreakyAye

    Lost Packages :.
    If a package is lost in transit, DVDSoon.com will launch an investigation in
    order to confirm the loss of the package. Once the results of the inquiry
    are obtained, DVDSoon.com will take the appropriate actions according to
    each case. Before declaring a lost package, you must wait until the full
    delivery time (and not the estimated delivery time) has passed.

    Standard Shipping 45 business days

    First Class 30 days business days

    Puro/DHL 10 days business days


    Its pretty simply. If its past the above shipping days, simply fill in a
    replacement form and claim a replacement. It may sit in the queue for a few
    days, but they will re-ship them.

    DVDSoon hardly ever answer EMAILs so don't bother using that avenue.

    I use the DVDSwap Forum and Veronica is very good at getting back to you.
    She had been seconded to help with despatch pre xmas, but has recently
    return to the forum to Answer questions. USE this Medium regardless of what
    others say. The link is here


    DVDSoon are not Scum.... They are just a business that does not

    (a) Answer Email in a timely matter
    (b) Have a lot of stock

    But give 90% of the time the Best Prices. Its a Trade Off (or in their case
    their Business Model). DVDSoon They are great for Pre-Orders and

    As for DVDPacific, they are the opposite. They have slightly dearer prices
    in general, but have excellent Customer Service, , well stocked and fast
    delivery. Unfortunately they have had some problems being hacked (in the
    past) and CCard numbers were stolen (incl. mine). Hopefully that is a thing
    of the past. DVDPacific are also good for SACD etc.

    So don't Bag them. I can understand your frustrations, Just use the method
    outlined above. You will get your DVD (eventually).

    Failing that, VISA/ MCard etc, will alway refund your money (incl

    Lester Bangs
    No [SPACE] to reply
    Bored ... Check out what drains my wallet.. consistently

    "Festivous for the Rest of Us" - Costanza Senior
    Exchange Rate variance) for non delivery of goods. Just see your bank and
    fill in the forms. Takes a few days and you will have your funds back.
    Lester Bangs, Dec 31, 2004
  7. New Player

    goforit Guest

    Unlike you, I have a life away from the computer which means I sample
    'customer service' all day, every day. It isn't the missing DVD's that shit
    me, it is the lack of care shown to emails. Their prices are great. So much
    so, that I am a FCard member and have placed 130 orders in 2004 for a total
    of 400 titles. On the whole, they have been fairly good, but it is their
    lack of customer service which gets to me.

    You are right. Bitching in forums does nothing for the cause. Neither does
    carrying on like a PMS bitch as you have.

    No, I won't stop using them. You cannot beat their prices. Especially the
    current 25% off for FCard holders. No one can match that, PLUS free

    I'm afraid you miss the point Mr Bangs. The point is that, ok let me spell
    it out for you, T-H-E-I-R C-U-S-T-O-M-E-R S-E-R-V-I-C-E I-S
    P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. You may as well forget about an order once it is placed
    because there is no way they will reply to request for changes or anything
    of that nature.

    That's why I bag the shitter out of them, and to be honest, they deserve it.
    (Unless you like companies to take your money and to treat you like shit.
    Isn't there a word for that).
    goforit, Dec 31, 2004
  8. New Player

    free2002 Guest

    well what do you expect when the prices are so cheap?? as you said you
    cannot beat their prices, yet their customer service is shit, if you know
    that & yet still order from them & whinge about it then your a glutton for
    free2002, Dec 31, 2004
  9. New Player

    goforit Guest

    Oh dear!!!!
    goforit, Dec 31, 2004
  10. New Player

    Jock Strap Guest

    Probably not, but at least it will save me money, because I will now
    go NOWHERE NEAR SUCH A SHIT COMPANY! Thanks for the warning, New Player.
    Jock Strap, Dec 31, 2004
  11. Still waiting for a refund from an October 'in stock' order which didn't
    even ship after 4 weeks.
    I could insert a heap of abuse here, but they are not worth any more of my
    time, effort or money.

    Cheers, Jason (remove ... to reply)
    PC-Video-Gaming: http://gadgetaus.com
    MS Wireless Intellimouse $89
    The Gadget Shop, Dec 31, 2004
  12. New Player

    HaZ Guest

    Problem is you are probably missing out on a great deal. As Goforit has
    mentioned they have ordered 400 titles in 2004. The chances of a lost disc
    in that lot is pretty high, as it probably woul dbe with any company. Yeah
    they dont reply to grat to email, but hey as had been mentioned, along with
    great prices, does not always come great service. You know it, you live with
    it. As a general buyer, that is a handful of orders a yearm ,chances are
    you'lll never have a problem and will love the quick delivery and great
    prices as i and many others have. Everyone has their own story. Those who
    make hepas of orders will undoubtably have a hick up here and there. The
    average joe should see smooth sailing. Thats my opinion anyway.

    HaZ, Dec 31, 2004
  13. New Player

    A Guest

    It reminds me of a saying (to paraphrase):

    Good service, Good quality, Good prices. Pick any two

    As long as you go in with your eyes wide open I don't have a problem
    with DVDSoon.

    I accept their delays as their prices are unbeatable and have only had
    one item that got delayed in shipping (arrived 44 working days after
    A, Dec 31, 2004
  14. New Player

    Lester Bangs Guest

    T-H-E-I-R C-U-S-T-O-M-E-R S-E-R-V-I-C-E I-S P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C

    I agree (should you try to email them. Its a lost cause)

    Honestly after finding the DVD Swap Forums and posting a message, I get a
    reasonable response.

    I have only posted a couple of Cust Service Posts on the Swap Forum and you
    can see on the dates when I got my replies. Granted one took a while to
    respond, but that was pre xmas rush time (there was a post from DVDSoon
    saying that they were not responding to the forum as all spare hands were
    sent to the warehouse).

    Don't get me wrong, I get as pissed with DVDSoon as the rest. I may of even
    posted a flaming post or three about their P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C C-U-S-T-O-M-E-R
    S-E-R-V-I-C-E, but the DVD never arrived sooner.

    I am also are a FCard holder, but only buy 60 or so DVD's a year.

    As for "Neither does carrying on like a PMS bitch as you have" I'll treat
    that with the contempt it deserves.......

    Happy New Year !


    Lester Bangs
    No [SPACE] to reply
    Bored ... Check out what drains my wallet.. consistently

    "Festivous for the Rest of Us" - Costanza Senior
    Lester Bangs, Dec 31, 2004
  15. New Player

    Joe McC Guest

    Nicely summed up, Lester. The only element there which I'd challenge is the
    assumption that customers always have to trade off either price, quality or
    service, (the holy tri-umvirate of all successful businesses). If that *is*
    DVDSoon's business model, it's very destructive & destined for failure.

    As many have said, it's the absence of any form of meaningful customer
    service from DVDSoon which angers & drives away loyal customers. (We can all
    remember other (long since demised) e-tailers guilty of that, I'm sure).

    Truth is, DVDSoon are deeply flawed in their approach & are destined to fall
    away, unless something radical happens in their warehousing / shipping
    set-up. Online ordering hinges almost as much on swift service as it does
    price. (Otherwise, how can Amazon's continued strength be explained).

    If prices go up, they may lose a few customers for whom cost is everything,
    but should be replaced by others, for whom service is king.
    Joe McC, Jan 1, 2005
  16. DVDsoon is located in Montreal. Anyone know if a faster response is
    received with emails in French?
    Maureen Goldman, Jan 1, 2005
  17. New Player

    JF Sebastian Guest

    An order that supposedely shipped over 2 months ago still has not arrived

    Two months, two words: Customs inspections. Customs may choose to
    inspect any package, regardless of what's written on the customs
    declaration sticker. I've already had the strange experience that an
    order "B" actually arrived three weeks in advance of an order "A", even
    though "B" shipped two weeks after "A". The reason was that "A" has
    spend weeks waiting in the customs chain.
    If it's shipped you have a Canada Post tracking number. Unless you
    believe that Canada Post has been infiltrated by DVDSoon black hats, go
    to http://www.canadapost.ca -> "English" -> "Track a Package" and enter
    your number (PP000000000CA) in the first "Item Number" field. Not that
    you will find anything helpful about your order's current location
    there, but Canada Post will surely not have tracking numbers in their
    postal system for items that Canada Post didn't accept.

    In one sentence: Don't blame DVDSoon for stuff they cannot control.

    Request a replacement, it's in your DVDSoon account on the right hand side.
    JF Sebastian, Jan 1, 2005
  18. New Player

    Brissie Guest

    It's very common with cheap places

    Crap customer service

    Look at the Australian Shops - Strathfield and The Warehouse. Great
    places to buy from, very cheap. But crap customer service.
    Brissie, Jan 2, 2005
  19. New Player

    NewcastleBoy Guest

    I have one more DVD boxset to receive from DVDSOON. I only ordered
    because of their free shipping which ended Dec 31.

    When I receive it I vow not use DVDSOON no matter how cheap they are -
    even if they were $40.00 (AUD) cheaper than DVDPACIFIC I wouldn't use
    them - they don't respond to email, ordered goods are extremely slow
    to come in, packages seem to get lost (according to quite a few posts
    on here), the compromise in personal customer service is too high.
    Having now ordered two goods from them I've discovered that they
    aren't the type of DVD e-commerce business that's right for me.

    I accept people will use them because their cheap, will put up with
    the inconvenience of waiting for goods to arrive, will tolerate emails
    not being answered, will tolerate their parcels getting lost
    periodically, if at all.

    For me, their level of service is lacklustre at best.

    NewcastleBoy, Jan 2, 2005
  20. New Player

    Fel Bartlett Guest

    For what it's worth, I have ordered three seasons of Due South and the
    first season of Quantum Leap through DVD Soon, mainly because of their
    prices and free shipping, and I have no complaints. I did have to wait
    for Quantum Leap and Season 2 of Due South, but for the price I was
    prepared to accept this. I like their price-matching facility - within
    half an hour of me telling them that Amazon.ca had Due South for a
    cheaper price, they lowered theirs. I have also found that they have
    been pretty good at replying to my emails when I have sent them.
    I know other ppl have had less agreeable experiences with DVD Soon, but
    sometimes they do get it right, and when I decide to buy Due South
    season 4 and Quantum Leap Season 2 I'll be getting them through DVD Soon.
    Take care
    Fel Bartlett, Jan 3, 2005
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