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    Today, DVD Verdict posted reviews of BOLERO, KILLER TOMATOES EAT FRANCE,

    BOLERO (reviewed by Mitchell Hattaway, overall score 40/100):
    "Then Bo and Angel get married and the movie ends, with Bo never having
    given thought to the fact that her beloved is more turned on by the
    sight of a bull than he is by her."

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/bolero.php

    KILLER TOMATOES EAT FRANCE (reviewed by Patrick Naugle, overall
    score 52/100):
    "Much like Killer Tomatoes Strike Back, Killer Tomatoes Eat France is
    filled with jokes about people getting hit with tomatoes, tomatoes
    being splattered against the wall, tomatoes showing up on dinner
    plates, and tomatoes acting like obnoxious humans. As with the previous
    film, the jokes aren't funny or rapid-fire enough for it to to qualify
    as a comedy."

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/killertomatoeseatfrance.php

    KILLER TOMATOES STRIKE BACK (reviewed by Patrick Naugle, overall
    score 56/100):
    "I don't want to give the creators of Killer Tomatoes Strike Back a
    verbal smackdown -- if I were a 12-year-old kid I'd think this movie was
    a hoot (which is why I still have a nostalgia-fueled fondness for the
    far better and funnier Return of the Killer Tomatoes). As a nearly 30-year-
    old man, though, my patience has dwindled for this killer veggie saga."

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/killertomatoesstrikeback.php

    THE MARKSMAN (reviewed by David Johnson, overall score 70/100):
    "One fight seemed to be headed toward a satisfying rock'em sock'em
    sequence (against the requisite muscle-bound bald-headed goon), but
    Snipes gives the guy a few rabbit punches, then shoots him in the leg
    and again in the back. Is it more plausible than a skull-bashing melee?
    Sure. More entertaining? Nope."

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/marksman.php

    RED COCKROACHES (reviewed by Bill Gibron, overall score 30/100):
    "However you look at it, Coyula never gives us people we can identify
    with. As a result, we must rely on other factors to feed our interest.
    But since Plotch (there's an appropriate moniker) and Rubel are never
    going to win a beauty contest -- not even the one offered during a
    Monopoly game -- it is their acting that must draw us in. BZZZZTTT!!!
    Wrong! As thespians, they are as graceless as they are physically."

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/redcockroaches.php

    SATISFACTION (reviewed by David Johnson, overall score 68/100):
    "Plotwise, what we're looking at here is a jumbo-size episode of
    Saved by the Bell, lacking the charismatic persona of a Screech or
    Mr. Belding."

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/satisfaction.php

    SOGGY BOTTOM U.S.A. (reviewed by Bryan Pope, overall score 60/100):
    "Soggy Bottom U.S.A. is a cornpone, Louisiana-Saturday-night good time.
    If it never quite rises to the level of sophistication, who gives a
    frog's freckled butt? Not everything can be Noel Coward, but that's no
    reason to dismiss this little gem."

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/soggybottomusa.php

    TORTURE ME NO MORE (reviewed by Mac McEntire, overall score 60/100):
    "About a third of the way through the film, there's a scene in which the
    killer, who has a thing for small animals, takes a dead dog out of a
    sack and uses it to, uh, 'pleasure' himself. We don't actually see the
    deed, thankfully, because the camera stays on a close-up of the guy's
    face. But that's almost as bad, because seeing his various facial
    expressions as he's, um, 'in the moment,' just made me feel embarrassed
    for the actor."

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/torturemenomore.php

    Mike Jackson
    Editor & Webmaster, DVD Verdict
    DVD Verdict, Sep 23, 2005
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