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    Today, DVD Verdict posted reviews of BIGG SNOOP DOGG'S PUFF PUFF PASS

    BIGG SNOOP DOGG'S PUFF PUFF PASS TOUR (reviewed by David Ryan, overall
    score 79/100):
    "We get to see the behind-the-scenes hijinks of Snoop and his posse.
    (Here's a hint -- they generally involve a lot of weed and a lot of
    'bitches.') Every so often, Snoop and/or his posse are asked a
    thematic question, such as 'What's the best thing about being on the
    road?,' and their responses are shown. (The answer, by the way: 'The
    bitches.') Then it's on to another city, with more concert footage,
    more behind-the-scenes mayhem, more commentary, and more bitches.
    Lather, rinse, repeat."

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/puffpasstour.php

    CHOP SOCKY: CINEMA HONG KONG (reviewed by Joel Pearce, overall
    score 80/100):
    "Classic film in any genre can yield a list of strange and confusing
    names for newcomers. Hong Kong action is one of these genres, one with a
    long history that few moviegoers know."

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/chopsocky.php

    CORA UNASHAMED (reviewed by Amanda DeWees, overall score 88/100):
    "By and large Cora Unashamed follows the Hughes story, although it adds
    an enormous amount of material, a natural consequence of the (puzzling)
    decision to make a feature-length film from a short story. The main
    concern I have is that it romanticizes the original story to such a
    great extent."

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/coraunashamed.php

    FURY (reviewed by Joe Armenio, overall score 92/100):
    "This is a film with a withering perspective on small-town life; Depression-
    era films (by John Ford and Frank Capra, among others) are remembered
    for their sentimentalizing of old-fashioned values and salt-of-the-earth
    folks, but the country people here are small-minded, ignorant, and take
    joy in their violence -- 'Let's have some fun,' shouts one of them as
    the lynching begins. As Joe prepares to head west to see Katherine,
    there are several mocking references to Indian attacks, but it soon
    becomes clear that the only savages in the film are white."

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/fury.php

    THE LONGEST YARD (1974): LOCKDOWN EDITION (reviewed by Patrick Bromley,
    overall score 81/100):
    "At the center of The Longest Yard -- in most other ways an only
    slightly better-than-average sports comedy-drama -- is a mistrust of
    authority and anger at the establishment. Like I said, that's not
    necessarily a deep insight; it's a movie about a prison's population
    seeking to overthrow those who imprison them -- even if that revolt
    takes place only on the football field, and only for one afternoon."

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/longestyardlockdown.php

    STRATOSPHERE GIRL (reviewed by Mac McEntire, overall score 76/100):
    "There are plenty of little nitpicks a viewer could make about the
    movie. A lot of what some might consider clever, others might find a
    little too on the nose. For example, the sleazy customer who treats the
    girls badly is named 'Kruilman.' As in 'cruel man,' get it?"

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/stratospheregirl.php

    2005 DRAFT PREVIEW (reviewed by Rob Lineberger, overall score 85/100):
    "Fantasy Football players will find much to like on this DVD. First, in
    a draft that went much differently than most pundits expected, 4th
    & Goal Films were remarkably accurate. A few of their top picks
    (which I will not reveal, out of deference to the work they put into
    the analysis) went within two or three spots of the predicted order.
    Over two thirds of their top 32 players were indeed selected in the
    first round. "

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/2005draftpreview.php

    WOLVES IN THE SNOW (reviewed by Neal Solon, overall score 77/100):
    "Talking about Wolves in the Snow is a challenge. The problem lies in
    the fact that the film tries to be too many things at once, and wholly
    succeeds at few. Beyond being pretty, Wolves in the Snow ends up being
    little more than an amalgam of its influences without their soul or
    their writing."

    FULL REVIEW: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/wolvesinsnow.php

    Mike Jackson
    Editor & Webmaster, DVD Verdict
    DVD Verdict, May 10, 2005
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