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Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by DVD Verdict, Sep 22, 2003.

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    Today, DVD Verdict posted reviews of ALL I WANT, BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM,

    ALL I WANT (reviewed by Elizabeth Skipper):

    BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM (reviewed by Mike Pinsky):

    FARGO: SPECIAL EDITION (reviewed by Michael Rankins):

    THE HAUNTING (reviewed by Mike Pinsky):

    Mike Jackson
    Editor & Webmaster, DVD Verdict
    DVD Verdict, Sep 22, 2003
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    Scot Gardner Guest

    "Now I know you've had some problems, struggling with the narcotics,
    some other entanglements, currently on parole..."-- Marge.

    Outstanding review of _Fargo_! By the way, are there English subtitles
    on the new _Fargo_? I had to get the names from the French and Spanish
    subtitles on the first MGM DVD.

    At last, I have heard a logical explanation for the existence of the
    Mike Yanagita character. I had always thought that Mike Yanagita was a
    total waste of time and film stock. This excess footage begins at 48
    minutes, 38 seconds into the movie at the start of chapter 9, "The
    Wakeup Call." The phone rings and it's a call from someone named Mike
    Yanagita. He and Marge Gunderson talk about nothing important, although
    we do find out that Marg's maiden name was Margie Olmstead and that she
    and Mike went to high school together. Nothing to advance the plot here.
    (Total time: 1 minute, 9 seconds.)

    Mike then turns up again 1 hour, 1 minute, 15 seconds into the movie at
    Chapter 11, "Obsession." It is in this scene that Marge meets him at the
    Radisson during her fact finding tour in Minneapolis. Here we find out
    that Mike is living in Edina now (actually Eden Prairie) and that Mike
    has always had a crush on Marge and that her husband's nickname was Norm
    Son-of-a-Gunderson. Mike says that all is well with him and he has an
    engineering job with Honeywell. He also mentions that his wife, Linda
    Cooksey, who also went to school with him and Marge, died of leukemia.
    Mike then proclaims his love for Marge before he breaks down and cries.
    Marge comforts him, but all the while she has said nothing about the
    murder case that she is working on. Again, interesting character
    development, but there is nothing to advance the plot in this scene.
    (Total time: 4 minutes.)

    Mike Yanagita is mentioned again, for the last time, when Marge is on
    the phone discussing her meeting with Mike with her friend Valerie at 1
    hour, 18 minutes, 5 seconds, at the start of chapter 14, "The Tan
    Sierra." Valerie reveals that Mike was never married to Linda Cooksey
    and that he had actually been stalking her. In fact, he was currently
    experiencing psychiatric problems and was actually unemployed and living
    with his parents. While it contains interesting gossip, this scene is
    only necessary to tie up the first two "Mike" scenes and it too does
    absolutely nothing to advance the plot. (Total time: 55 seconds.)

    These three scenes featuring Mike Yanagita are totally self-contained
    and could easily be deleted without affecting the music or any other
    aspect of the film. Without these scenes, there would be no mention
    whatever of Mike Yanagita. It was a mystery to me why they were ever
    included to begin with. A total of 6 minutes and 4 seconds could be
    eliminated so that the movie would run only 91 minutes instead of its
    current 97 minutes. That would be reduction of over 6% from the original
    running time of Fargo.

    But, as the DVD Verdict review says:

    "The lies Mike tells Marge about his career and marriage remind her that
    people unable to handle reality will try to alter it to suit
    themselves-exactly what Jerry is doing. The clarity of this insight
    spurs the rest of Marge's investigation which, having started slowly,
    accelerates from this point through the remainder of the film."

    Finally, an answer to the Mike Yanagita mystery.
    Scot Gardner, Sep 24, 2003
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    Mar 14, 2011
    Likes Received:
    You are dense.
    allen624, Mar 14, 2011
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