DVD Shrink: After Shrink to Hard drive, what's NEXT? Thanks!!!!!!

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by hiddenat, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. hiddenat

    hiddenat Guest

    with the help of several people, i found out what i was missing. i have a
    copy of Nero Ultra 6. that has the "burn a video dvd" in it that i did not
    have under my software.

    with that, i am in business.

    thanks again
    hiddenat, Sep 9, 2004
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  2. hiddenat

    Biz Guest

    Actually if you alrady used shrink, you would just want to burn a data dvd
    using teh files created in the Shrink process, provided you use the correct
    burning settings in Nero...
    Biz, Sep 9, 2004
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  3. hiddenat

    Owl Jolson Guest

    Well... I just burned my very 1st DVD today with DVDShrink & Nero Ultra and
    I'll tell you how I did it. After I used DVDShrink, I then brought up Nero
    "create DVD" to try a burn. You should see two folders, an Audio_TS and a
    Video_TS. The Video_TS was red, so I double clicked it to open it then I
    clicked the ADD button and did a "click & drag" on all files contained
    therein from the Video_TS folder that DVDShrink created. Since I had no
    files in the Audio_TS folder there was no need to do any "clicking &
    dragging". I then burned the DVD & it turned out super. The one thing that
    I noticed was that while the movie turned out great the video in the Special
    Features was a little grainy. All of the files were originally over 6 gigs
    & I attribute the quality loss to the "shrinking" process. But face it, you
    mainly want the movie anyway.
    Owl Jolson, Sep 10, 2004
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