DVD R NERO and BTC 1004 Dual Recorder

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Bill Harvey, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. Bill Harvey

    Bill Harvey Guest


    I have recently bought a BTC DVD +/- Recorder, model DRW1004IM, I burnt my
    first DVD RW no problem about 4.0GB consisting of 4 VHS Film Transfers.

    The next DVD is where I encountered problems, I tried to back up about 4.3GB
    of data from my Hard Drive organised into folders, I used a "Sky" DVD+R and
    NERO, which came with the Drive. After a few complaints about
    naming conventios and depth of folders, which I ammended, the DVD burnt away
    very slowly though, about 15 / 20 mins.
    NERO reached about 99 percent and started the lead out stage and BINGO The
    message "Could not perform end of Disc-at-Once".

    I have scoured the Net and found lots of examples of this that state that it
    is a NERO compatability problem, one post said that versions of NERO 5.5 and
    6.0 have the same problem and to use, which I could not find on
    the NERO site so I downloaded the latest version of NERO 5.5.
    I have since found NERO but have read another post saying that
    this has a similiar problem.

    I have also read that this problem appears with some Plextor Drives using
    NERO and I have read somewhere that the drive in the BTC may actually be the
    same as a Plextor, is this true?

    Anyway before I waste money and start a coaster production line I need to
    Which version of NERO should I use?
    Should I upgrade the firmware on my DVD Burner? I have downloaded V043 from
    the BTC site but they state not to upgrade if the drive is working which in
    theory it probably is!!

    Thanks in advance

    Bill H

    "It's best to know what your looking for before you start"

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    Home Page http://bill_harvey.bei.t-online.de/home page.htm
    Bill Harvey, Nov 3, 2003
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  2. Bill Harvey

    no one Guest

    Try buring less on to the disc. I had the same problem. Now I burn 3.9gb
    onto a disc instead of the 4.3 and it works fine.

    no one, Nov 4, 2003
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