DVD Forum Approves Portion Of New Format.

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Allan, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. Allan

    Allan Guest

    DVD Forum Approves Portion Of New Format

    "An HD DVD format proposed by Toshiba Corp. and NEC Corp. as the
    next-generation DVD format was finally approved by the DVD Forum's
    steering committee during recent meetings in New York.

    The proposal includes both read-only and rewritable formats, but only
    the ROM format in its 0.9 version was approved by the committee during
    meetings last week by a vote of 8-6.

    The HD DVD format is a violet laser-based optical disk system with a
    capacity of 15-20 Gbyte per side using the same disk structure as
    current DVD disks.

    As the next-generation optical disk system using a violet laser, nine
    consumer electronics manufacturers, including Matsushita Electric
    Industrial Co., Ltd., Sony Corp., Royal Philips Electronics and
    Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., proposed the Blu-ray Disk format that
    lacks backward compatibility with current DVDs. The Blu-ray format was
    not proposed to the Forum as a candidate next-generation DVD format,
    but the two formats are vying to become the next-generation disk

    With some committee supporting the Blu-ray Disk format, the HD DVD
    proposal was twice voted down.

    In the latest ballot, the HD DVD format failed to acquire a majority.
    However, an amended voting rule not to count abstentions cleared the
    way for final passage of the proposal.

    The steering committee also decided to increase committee membership
    and voting to reelect members has begun. New steering committee
    members will be elected by year-end at the earliest, the Forum said.

    Industry sources close to the Forum said they expect the new
    membership to shift the balance in future voting for the HD DVD

    [ http://www.eet.com/sys/news/OEG20031126S0034 ]

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    Allan, Nov 29, 2003
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  2. Allan

    John Guest

    Nice to see that they used their heads for once..
    John, Nov 30, 2003
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  3. Allan

    Toshi1873 Guest

    Covered on /. a few days ago:

    Personally, I was (am) hoping for a return to a cartridge style format
    (something about the size of the "slim" CD jewel cases). Downside is the
    lack of backward compatibility (maybe empty carts that you put your DVDs
    into?). But the upside would be that you could do double-sided media
    without the media getting trashed (also less likely to end up with scratched

    Still, the current CD size is too large to be friendly in a cartridge
    format, too large to comfortably put in a pocket like a 3.5" disc or mini-
    disc. 8cm Blu-Ray discs would be interesting in a cartridge format as
    they'd probably still hold 3-4Gb which might be enough with MPEG4 to work.

    I think we're gonna be stuck with the CD-ROM form-factor for a few years at
    least (maybe post-BluRay?). Although I can't wait for 25Gb BluRay storage
    discs (DVD-R already seems a touch small).
    Toshi1873, Dec 2, 2003
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