DVD Duplicator: Which Is Most Reliable?

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by ricrat, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. ricrat

    ricrat Guest

    I'm leaning towards the Sony that SuperMediaStore makes: price,
    controller and
    value. Can you dispute this?
    The one I want is 1-1. I read about 10 ads and the one I choose still
    comes up the winner.
    Thanks for any help.
    ricrat, Sep 27, 2007
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  2. ricrat

    Mike S. Guest

    Understanding that a standalone duplicator is an assembled product
    of unrelated components from different manufacturers, it really boils
    down to what the components are and which assembled duplicator comprises
    the best selection.

    The duplicator controllers (Acard, Apollo, Athena, etc) are pretty much
    equally able to duplicate discs, but differ in their support for USB
    add-on daughter boards (for using the duplicator as an external DVDR
    drive), support for (and mode of partitioning of) an internal hard drive
    for storing disc images, and number of target drives supported. As long as
    your present and future needs are met by whichever controller is included
    in the duplcator, you should be set.

    The other variables are the source and target DVD drives. You want good
    high speed drives that will stand up to heavy use. Also, many DVD readers
    need hacked firmware in order to read all discs at their highest rated
    speed, so you must check that the vendor has provided a reader that will
    perform as fast as the burner needs data to be supplied.

    For my preference, I go with Plextor, Pioneer, or NEC drives in
    approximately that order of preference.
    Mike S., Sep 27, 2007
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  3. ricrat

    ricrat Guest

    Thanks for your input. I trust SuperMediaStore to be very honest
    and reliable.
    Currently, I'm using a Pioneer 111 in my PC and I read that its re-
    placement (112) has had problems and that's why I selected the
    Sony unless you've had experience with the 112.
    Can you suggest a merchant to purchase a 1-1 duplicator from?
    I've checked out at least 10 and most don't have more the 16mb
    of memory. I feel this is an important component--don't you?
    I just purchased some TYs which I find to be the most reliable.
    Thanks again.
    ricrat, Sep 28, 2007
  4. ricrat

    Mike S. Guest

    I have used SuperMediaStore too and have no problems with them. I am
    currently using an Acard-based 1:1 duplicator which uses the Pioneer 112
    as the target and it has performed well for a few months so far.
    The reader seems to be a generic drive (actually I think it is LG) but it
    has no trouble with 16X reads and has handled all media I've tried so far
    (I have not tried, and do not intend to use DL).
    Mike S., Sep 28, 2007
  5. ricrat

    ricrat Guest

    Hi Mike:
    Is the unit you have their "standard" or do I have to request that
    controller card? How heavy is your useage? How discs do you
    burn a day? (I just wondering about the wear-and-tear and how it'll
    hold up).
    Your answers are a great help for me to decide.
    ricrat, Sep 28, 2007
  6. ricrat

    Mike S. Guest

    Just to be clear, I have bought from SuperMediaStore but the duplicator
    I'm using (which uses the Pioneer 112D as target) is not from them (I
    bought it from an eBay seller, whose name I don't have handy here). Mine
    uses an Acard 1:1 controller.

    From the photos at the SuperMediaStore web site, it looks like they use
    the Apollo controller for some towers and Acard for others. Probably
    depends on number of targets, presence/absence of hard drive, and rated
    speed. For 1:1 I don't think there are major performance or features
    differences between them.

    My useage is very light, so my experience with the 112D will not help you
    in deciding whether the Pioneer can stand the wear and tear.
    Mike S., Sep 29, 2007
  7. ricrat

    ricrat Guest

    I'm thinking of daily useage are about 25 (is that concidered "heavy
    useage"?). More than likely a lot less.
    I'm going to give them a call and see how I can get the best 1:1
    they offer. I don't think Plextor is worth the extra expense.
    I'll let you know what I decide.
    Thanks for response.
    ricrat, Sep 30, 2007
  8. ricrat

    ricrat Guest

    ricrat, Oct 2, 2007
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