Duel: Southern California Tour.

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by One-Shot Scot, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. After a very limited, initial DVD release last year (in the _Ed Wood_
    tradition), Steven Spielberg's _Duel_(1971) is now readily available.

    Every _Duel_ fan knows that the movie contains a huge number of
    hilarious continuity errors. However, the opening scene, which has
    Dennis Weaver driving through Los Angeles on California highway 11, is
    not one of them. Those planning to retrace Weaver's trip from LA to
    Palmdale will need to know that the Pasadena Freeway (shown in the movie
    as highway 11) is now highway 110. Also, the sign over one of the
    Figueroa Street Elysian Park tunnels, which says "5 Golden State Fwy
    Bakersfield", now says "Sacramento." Miss this turnoff and you could end
    up in Pasadena!

    Proceeding northbound on Interstate 5 will take you to highway 14 (The
    Antelope Freeway), which is the turnoff to Palmdale. If you are more
    adventurous and would like to see some truly unique scenery, stay on
    Interstate 5 and proceed up the road another 10 miles past the Palmdale
    turnoff. It is here that Interstate 5 makes a 22-mile trip through
    Angeles National Forest and past Castaic Lake. Here you will encounter a
    freeway oddity: As you begin to ascend the mountain, the southbound
    traffic will be on your left, but soon you will cross over the
    southbound lanes and find that the oncoming traffic is now on your
    right. At the top of the grade, the northbound and southbound lanes will
    once again cross over each other to resume the normal "drive on the
    right side of the road" traffic pattern. For those accustomed to driving
    on the right side of the road, this traffic pattern reversal can be
    somewhat disorienting.

    At the north end of the park, you can take picturesque Pine Canyon Road
    back to Palmdale. Once in Palmdale, you will want to drive the roads
    through Pearblossom, Soledad Canyon and Sand Canyon in order to obtain
    the full _Duel_ experience.

    Happy motoring!



    One-Shot Scot, Aug 25, 2004
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