Dual Booting 2000 and 2003

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by molsonexpert, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. molsonexpert

    molsonexpert Guest

    What's the best way to dual boot Windows 2000 Pro and Windows 2003 Server? I
    want the 2000 to be (semi-) permanent, but the 2003 server is temporary
    because it's a eval copy that blows up eventually, and because I want it to
    study with and I suspect I'll kill it in my own little way. I want 2003 on a
    different partition that I can re-format/re-install. Is there anything I
    need to be aware of? If I were to re-format the 2003 partition, do I need
    to modify anything (boot.ini, for example) in order for 2000 to load
    properly? Does it matter which OS gets installed first? Is it too late on a
    Friday for these questions?

    And what are the requirements for MCSE anyway?

    (sorry, I figure certain regulars are pulling their hair out and I wanted to
    finish them off...).

    Thanks for any and all input.

    molsonexpert, Jun 11, 2004
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  2. molsonexpert

    Doom Guest

    Have you considered using VMWare instead of setting up a dual boot? Just a
    Doom, Jun 11, 2004
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  3. And what are the requirements for MCSE anyway?
    at it worked...

    Kline Sphere (Chalk) MCNGP #3
    The Poster Formerly Known as Kline Sphere, Jun 11, 2004
  4. molsonexpert

    JaR Guest

    Naw, just load 2K first, then 2003. When you get ready, just format the
    2003 partition and you're golden. Piece o' cake.
    What??? Why I...

    I have no hair left to pull out. Too late.

    Y'r welcome.

    Aged Thug
    JaR, Jun 11, 2004
  5. molsonexpert

    fygar Guest

    Now this guy is good ....

    fygar, Jun 11, 2004
  6. molsonexpert

    Neil Guest

    [email protected]@rd...

    JaR, what's the time?
    Neil, Jun 11, 2004
  7. molsonexpert

    Neil Guest

    got suckered dinya?
    Neil, Jun 11, 2004
  8. molsonexpert

    JaR Guest

    3.5 hrs 'till BT

    And then I'm on vacation for a week!

    Now that's a beer-thirty to look forward to

    Dry Thug
    JaR, Jun 11, 2004
  9. molsonexpert

    Neil Guest

    JaR: So long kids! See you next time!
    Neil: (crying) What'll we do till then?
    JaR: Why, you could spakle the den, martinize your shorts, you could play
    horsey with your pet Crocostimpy!
    Neil grabs JaR and kisses his head, and Runs offscreen. JaR shakes himself
    off. Neil comes back in with his pet Crocostimpy, but the Crocostimpy is
    riding him.
    Crocostimpy: HAPPY HAPPY!
    Neil: JOY JOY!

    Well, I just got back Wednesday from a week off and I've still been able to
    keep up my postings. You better not fall behind, ya' slacker thug.
    Neil, Jun 11, 2004
  10. molsonexpert

    Neil Guest

    45 minutoes here...
    Neil, Jun 11, 2004
  11. molsonexpert

    JaR Guest

    I dunno, do they allow confusers in the Big Blue Room? If that bright
    thing is in the ceiling, that's where I plan to be.

    JaR, Jun 11, 2004
  12. molsonexpert

    Neil Guest

    all I got out of my wekk was some honeydew...
    Neil, Jun 11, 2004
  13. molsonexpert

    Ken Briscoe Guest

    Damn you! I'm still at 1hr 15m. Then I have "responsibilities" for a couple
    hours. Then it's off to Boston for the evening. Night at the bars with the
    guys. And some womens, with any luck.
    Ken Briscoe, Jun 11, 2004
  14. molsonexpert

    Neil Guest

    Neil, Jun 11, 2004
  15. molsonexpert

    TechGeekPro Guest

    Be sure to wear your lapel pin. ;-)
    TechGeekPro, Jun 12, 2004
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