Dual boot of xp and vista, now want to remove xp

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by jaynedifferent, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Hi, just got my vista ultimate delivered and now installed it

    My laptop has 2 drives on it, when xp was on it it reported it was on
    Drive C: on drive1 with my D: drive being drive0.

    After installing Vista to my D: drive, when it starts up it now says
    that what was the d: under XP is now the C: drive under vista.

    I have now finished re-installing everything and it all seems ok on
    the western front I want to reformat the XP drive and fee up the
    space. But this is where NTLDR, boot.ini etal are located

    Any ideas greatly apprecated on what I need to do to get the vista
    drive to become the bootable drive so I can blow the XP one away
    jaynedifferent, Apr 27, 2007
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  2. jaynedifferent

    Wonderer Guest

    You might be able run the vista install cd again and choose repair(it
    worked for xp). you could use a repair boot disk to move those
    files(linuxlive works for me).
    Wonderer, Apr 27, 2007
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  3. jaynedifferent

    Mr. Arnold Guest

    Vista Newsgroups can be found on msnews.microsoft.com, which currently
    provides the following:

    a.. microsoft.public.windows.vista.general
    b.. microsoft.public.windows.vista.administration_account_passwords
    c.. microsoft.public.windows.vista.file_management
    d.. microsoft.public.windows.vista.hardware_devices
    e.. microsoft.public.windows.vista.installation_setup
    f.. microsoft.public.windows.vista.mail
    g.. microsoft.public.windows.vista.networking_sharing
    h.. microsoft.public.windows.vista.performance_maintenance
    i.. microsoft.public.windows.vista.print_fax_scan
    j.. microsoft.public.windows.vista.security
    Mr. Arnold, Apr 28, 2007
  4. jaynedifferent

    why? Guest

    So then don't reformat it, if you free up the space you will just end up
    using it later, so instead of a reformat why not delete what you don't

    Or get a partition manager and resize the old XP partition, leaving all
    the boot stuff alone. That will free up space.

    Best to do a backup of the boot partition first or at leaft if it goes
    all wrong know how to use the Vista boot editor / fix boot record.

    This is where I have 3 partitions, a small boot partition and other for
    the OS's.
    Not mangling an install of Vista and XP on the same drive.

    Doing a clean install of Vista to a new disk, then re-installing,
    copying data over.

    As the XP boot manager is now 2nd to the Vista one you don't really
    wan't to do anything, it works and boots Vista.

    If you wan't to remove the XP boot option, see past posts in 24HSHD
    about the new bcdedit, or www.google.com

    why?, Apr 28, 2007
  5. jaynedifferent

    deejaydee Guest

    Hi all,
    As you so rightly state loading Xp on C drive, i have gone through this
    myself with dual booting
    loading Vista on D drive. On booting vista it becomes C drive automatically.
    My version of Vista is RC1 which expires end of this month. I have already
    deleted Vista
    1. To select which OS you want, right click My computer, click advanced
    tab,click Settings on Startup & Recovery,
    on the top it will show Default operating system ,click down arrow take
    your choice.

    2. On the other hand if you remove XP you don't get the choice!
    Easiest way .Control panel, Administrative tools,Computer management,
    Disk management
    CAUTION! Check you drive that Contains XP delete partition , quick
    and Bobs your Uncle. TIP you might have 2 different drive sizes which
    will be the clue,
    not to be confused between drive letters when either OS is in service.
    deejaydee, May 1, 2007
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