Dropped Connection with Netgear MR814 (Idle Timeout?)

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by P.A., Jan 23, 2008.

  1. P.A.

    P.A. Guest

    The internet connection on my windows xp machine connected wirelessly
    to my netgear mr814 router drops off if the computer is left idle for
    a short amount of time, perhaps 20-30 mins and fails to re-establish
    itself. I must re-set the modem and router for it to re-establish

    Incidentally, i've discovered if i just run ping tests all day long
    say set the -n to 10 million or whatever, the connection stays on
    am away from the computer, i guess the ping tests are keeping the
    router busy so it doesn't drop off, I'm not sure exactly what all of
    this means, but it is a minor annoyance.

    Read some posts about adjusting the 'idle timeout' from default 5 to
    mins in the router settings, but tried this and it hasn't fixed it,
    have contacted netgear but have not heard back from them yet on it.
    Router is using up to date firmware.

    The wired machine can run all connected to the wired-portion of the
    router and be left idle
    for any length of time and still stay connected, it's only the one
    connected wirelessly this happens to. If i sit and work at the
    wireless machine constantly the connection seems ok for as long as
    working but if i stand up for a while and come back it has often lost
    the connection, it is not due to signal strength of the router, that
    is fine

    Help would be appreaciated, Paul
    P.A., Jan 23, 2008
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