Driver-specialists??XP64 driver not woking on server [DVD-RAM/UDF]

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by [email protected], May 6, 2006.

  1. Hi All!

    May be, there is somebody out here, who has enough detailed knowledge
    about differences of drivers between XP 64bit and Server2003 64bit??
    The thing I mostly miss with my 2003 x64 server is to write UDF
    formatted DVD-RAM's. The drive is ok and UDF formatted disks can be
    read, but - limited by windows - not be written natively. DVD-RAM in
    FAT32 format works well.

    Until I moved to server2003/x64, I used Pinnacle Studio with windows
    2000;This package has a native driver to read/write UDF format on CD/DVD
    but they do not support 64bit currently.

    The was a workaround in the AMD64 forums to use a driver on XP64. I
    patched the setup to run on server also and no errors occur.
    Bad:After reboot - no errors and the drive continues to be read from UDF
    - if I try to write to the disk I get the message ~"drive read-only" and
    if I try to change it's label I get "access denied". I can see, the
    driver is loaded, but possibly not at the right place in the

    Does soembody knows if a driver for XP should run on server too??
    Does someone possibly knows a driver which is capable of writing UDF?

    Thanks a lot,
    [email protected], May 6, 2006
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  2. a@b

    LDJ Guest

    Hello [email protected]!

    PlanetAMD64 has a WinXP64 DVD-RAM driver for download. The driver will
    work with some Panasonic DVD-RAM drives, as well as many of the LG-GSA
    DVD-RAM drives. It remains to be seen if the driver will work for Server
    2003 64bit though:


    DVD-RAM Driver Software for Windows XP x64 Edition:

    Drives Supported:

    For DVD Multi drive models:

    UJ-815, UJ-825, UJ-835
    UJ-845, UJ-846

    For LG Electronics's drives:
    GMA-4020B, GMA-4080N, GSA-4040B,
    GSA-4080B, GSA-4081B, GSA-4082B,
    GSA-4120B, GSA-4160B, GSA-4163B

    Download the driver, unzip to a temp directory, and run setup.exe from


    This is the PlanetAMD64 Online Driver Database (ODD) link to the driver

    Unless you are already a member on PlanetAMD64, you will need to
    register, in order to be allowed to download the driver. However, it
    doesn't cost anything, and doesn't hurt :)
    LDJ, May 6, 2006
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  3. My understanding is that DVD-RAM is supported out of the box, so just
    right-click on your DVD device and check the option 'enable CD recording on
    this drive'.
    Now you can drag and drop files at your DVD as if it were a harddisk:)
    Egbert Nierop \(MVP for IIS\), May 7, 2006
  4. Hi LDJ!

    I am using currently a temporary news client and my setup is'nt very
    properly: I am mabra on the AMD list, we communicated about this issue
    und there is no solution, because the driver does not work with the
    server OS.

    Best regards,
    [email protected], May 7, 2006
  5. Hallo Egbert,

    and thanks first! But I explicitely wrote about WRITING UDF format. Out
    of the box, it is read-only only. I want to WRITE UDF!!!
    I tried a driver which works with XP(64), but this driver does not work
    on the server(64) !!

    As I wrote:I can read and write FAT32 format. This is senseless for me,
    becaus I want to read and write DVD-RAM in UDF format, which then can be
    interchanged with my normal DVD-recorder for the televison.

    [email protected], May 7, 2006
  6. a@b

    LDJ Guest

    Hello [email protected]!
    As usual, I didn't read all the words, before replying. :)

    You wrote that you have patched the setup, in order to make it work on
    the x64 server. However, there is more to do, than "just" that.

    There is a cab file, holding files that are extracted when you run
    setup. The files you rework, will be overwritten, as soon as you run setup.

    In order to get a working setup, you will have to replace the drivers in
    the, with the files you have changed.

    Here is a tutorial, that shows how to manage the file

    The guy explains how to perform the operation, on the DVDDrive.ini file,
    but he says, in 5):

    "5) Open DVDDrive.ini in Notepad and change line "DriveNameCheckMode=1"
    to "DriveNameCheckMode=0", save and exit Notepad"

    That doesn't work. The DVDDrive.ini must include the correct drive name:





    It was me, who found the solution, that made it possible to use
    Panasonic's DVD-RAM driver, for the LG drives also. I don't have the x64
    server version installed, otherwise I would have made the changes to get
    the driver work.

    I'm sure you can make the driver work, if you really try :)
    LDJ, May 7, 2006
  7. ok sorry I disturbed you.
    Egbert Nierop \(MVP for IIS\), May 7, 2006
  8. I've seen a couple of other drivers that just don't work on Server. (an
    older Intel NIC, for example.) Never been able to work around it, however.
    Charlie Russel-MVP, May 7, 2006
  9. Hi,

    no problem!!

    [email protected], May 7, 2006
  10. Hi,

    I'll thanks for your engagement!

    Be sure, I have read this instructions already, REALLY!! I followed all
    steps and had to add another one:Modify the setup to enable it to run on
    a server.

    Everythings went fine, setup, drive-recognition and all.

    But it finally does not wor:The drive is read-only.

    Best regards,
    [email protected], May 7, 2006
  11. a@b

    LDJ Guest

    Hello Manfred!

    Although we have discussed everything I can think of, and you have told
    that you have tried all that I have suggested, as well as have followed
    the guide from at I
    have to know :) if you have changed the DriveNameCheckMode=1 to
    DriveNameCheckMode=0 as he is suggesting?

    When I changed the DriveNameCheckMode=1 to: DriveNameCheckMode=0 the
    driver didn't work. That was exactly what I discovered, besides that I
    had to add the string: 2=HL-DT-STDVDRAM, in the DVDDrive.ini file, in
    order to make the driver work with LG's DVD-RAM drives. If I changed the
    DriveNameCheckMode=1 to: DriveNameCheckMode=0 the driver installed, but
    the disc was write protected.

    Please do not take this question as an offense. I really like to know,
    as it would be good to know, if I ever decide to "play" with the driver
    again, to try to make it work with Windows x64 server.

    Will you show me what to change, to make the x64 server accept the
    driver? (and in which file)
    LDJ, May 7, 2006
  12. Hi !

    Change also the "SETUPINI.TXT" file, make

    TargetOS = 12

    as it's new value. After setting it to 12, I no longer get setup denying
    the setup-request.

    Hope, this helps.

    [email protected], May 8, 2006
  13. a@b

    LDJ Guest

    Hello Manfred!
    Thanks for the info. I'll keep your answer for later use :)

    I will discover if it work, when/if I decide to install x64 Server. One
    thing that I would like to know: If the value: TargetOS = 12 is set,
    instead of: TargetOS = 11, will the driver still work for WinXP64? You
    will probably not know, unless you have a winXP64 system installed,
    besides the x64 server OS. :)

    As the driver installs, and works flawlessly, with the WinXP64 OS
    version, I'm not going to change the present driver, we have for
    download, on PlanetAMD64. In case I succeed, with changing the driver,
    to make it work for x64 server, I'll add it as a separate download.
    LDJ, May 8, 2006
  14. Hi LDJ !

    You are right:I do not have a XP64 running this moment, so I cannot
    answer the question. I never tried to "decode" the value "12" to see,
    if it possibly contains a bit-list, wehere one of them represents an OS.

    [email protected], May 10, 2006
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