driver for wireless card Netgear WP311 for x64

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Guest, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Are there any drivers for Netgear wireless card Wp311 for X64. Could not
    find on
    netgear website. Ed
    Guest, Dec 8, 2005
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  2. You remind me of Steve Ballmers famous; Developers, Developers, Developers.

    It looks like NetGear will not provide any drivers for x64 in the near
    future, might as well invest in another brand. Belkin F5D7000 PCI - fully
    supported on XP Pro x64.
    Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Dec 8, 2005
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Guest, Dec 9, 2005
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