DriveCrypt Plus Pack for denying entry to your pc

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by urgetoo, Jul 6, 2003.

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    I liked the idea of having an encryption program that had "boot
    authorization" other words, before a pc would boot, you had to
    give it a password before the BIOS would boot the pc. I didn't want
    anyone being able to use recovery programs on my virtual memory or
    scout my pc for "tracks" still lodged in forgotten areas of my

    I bought and used DriveCrypt Plus Pack and encrypted my C:drive and my
    programs partition AND my backups partition. (second hard drive).. and
    then aftermonths of use, the program suddenly wouldn't accept my
    password! Boy was I screwed! The designer of DCPP, Mr. Hafner,
    responded immediately to my email and I called him. Through a process
    of elimination, we discovered that the problem was my KEYBOARD (and
    maybe my BIOS version)! My monitor showed a correct password, but
    when we connected my keyboard to a different pc, it was apparent that
    two of my aschii characters were not working. I bought a new keyboard
    and was able to get into my system.. In the process, I learned a
    lesson the hard way, that I have to be able to access backups in case
    I need to reformat my hardrive and re-install my OS... now I don't
    encrypt 'it...I make an accessible "CLEAN" copy (nothing incriminating
    on it) in case I need one.

    I think that a program such as DCPP is the way to go to prevent
    "authorities" from ever being able to search your computer....BUT,
    don't put yourself in a situation where your data is irretreviably
    lost due to a hardware problem.. Encrypt your crucial data, but use
    DriveCrypt with 1044 bit container encryption to burn a CD( or PGP, or
    whatever), so you won't lose everything IF the worst happens..then
    hide that CD. Also, follow the "rescue" instructions for if/when the
    worst happens" when you buy your program, and export everything
    necessary in case the worst does happen... in other words, export
    those key stores and such to floppy disks, along with the "rescue.exe"
    programs necessary to use them.

    I want to publicly thank Mr. Hafner and DriveCrypt Plus Pack for their
    customer service, EVEN when I had not bought a service contract.

    I recommend their products and their company:

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    urgetoo, Jul 6, 2003
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