DRIVECRYPT - missing memory

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Supachai, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. Supachai

    Supachai Guest

    I use an 40 Gig IMB lap top and XP

    I recentlty installed the new drivecrypt programme which is working

    However, since I was messing around with it I notice that a chunk of
    my lap top's hard disk drives memory seems to have been eaten up.

    I have one main drive only, Drive C, onto which my active Drive Crypt
    container (Drive W) is loaded, along with everything else (files,
    programs etc).

    When I add up the memory of all the programms and files (hidden and
    unhidden) listed by "My Computer" as being saved on Drive C it comes
    to about 17 gig of stuff. That seems about right. This 17 gig
    includes the 9 gig container which drivecrypt uses (Drive W) for my
    encrypted material.

    Yet "My Computer" shows Drice C as only having 2 gig free space now,
    whereas I would have expected it to show about 18-22 gig
    other words I can's account for almost 15 - 20 gig of hard disk memory
    which seems to have been eaten.

    Anyone any ideas what's going on?

    I can only think that:

    1. i have inadvertantly created an invisible drive (can I check?); or
    2. when i deleted a couple of unwanted "test" containers in the early
    days, the hard disk still reads the space as being used; or
    3. My computer is incorrectly showing on 2 gig as free space, and
    there is in fact loads more.

    Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

    Supachai, Jan 24, 2004
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