Drishti launches Ameyo PACE

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by drishti12, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Ameyo PACE, Pro Active Connect Enhancer, is the latest innovation from
    Drishti Labs. It is a software module that works in conjunction with the
    Predictive Dialer, adding intelligence to the overall process of outbound
    dialing thereby enhancing the end business results. With PACE, the
    campaign manager can configure a smarter contact strategy based on various
    advanced parameters like customer segment and interaction history.

    In today's cut-throat competition, the campaign managers in a contact
    center are challenged with ever-growing demand for higher productivity and
    adherence to stricter regulations & compliances. Even with latest tools
    and technology, there is still a lot of human dependency for customer
    contact management & decision making for day-to-day operations.

    As Nayan Jain, CTO, Drishti-Soft explains - "In our research, we found an
    impending need for a tool to help contact centers configure and automate
    business policies and contact strategies. We focused our efforts towards
    developing an innovative solution that addresses this need. Hence, PACE
    came into existence. With pluggable business intelligence, PACE would
    boost the productivity of contact center processes by up to 30%."

    PACE acts as an assistant to the campaign managers and helps them define,
    configure and automate business specific processing of customer contacts.
    Besides, maximizing the customer connects, PACE also reduces telecom costs
    thus enabling an overall increase in end productivity. The module can
    deliver significant increase in the business results of an outbound
    campaign as compared to a Predictive Dialer alone.

    PACE has already been beta tested at Total Soft Solutions. Elaborating the
    claim further Ashish Bhatia, Managing Director, Total Soft Solutions, says
    - "PACE has been tested successfully at our premises. We started with
    rudimentary configuration for the initial run and observed 19% enhancement
    in connect rates and over 9% reduction in telecom costs. These results
    were quite surprising for us and also made us more ambitious about the
    business benefits we can derive by configuring process specific
    intelligence to PACE."

    By establishing a more intelligent contact strategy based on customer
    profiling parameters, contact centers not just connect better to their
    customers but also achieve significant reduction in nuisance calls to
    important customers. This in turn helps deliver a better customer
    experience. Considering the results delivered by this advanced module in
    Beta testing stage, a more specific configuration can yield much higher
    results for call centers. PACE surely promises to be the next generation
    technology for outbound processes.




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    drishti12, Jun 18, 2010
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