Dragging buttons around Firefox toolbar area (observed)

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Splibbilla, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Splibbilla

    Splibbilla Guest

    You can drag the search bar (searchplugins), location (URL=address) bar, individual buttons.

    AFAIK, so far, GoogleBar buttons cannot be mixed with standard Firefox bars.

    example screenshot at imageshack (quick img host)

    img only 23.24 KB


    1 WinXp,Ff1.0.2 GoogleBar(XPI-rimental), Sage, PrefBar, Tabbrowser Preferences, CopyURL, IEView, Conquery(trying),
    2 WinMe 2a Ff1.0.2 GoogleBar(XPI-rimental), Sage,PrefBar, and?
    2b Moziilla, Gecko/20041217, all profiles: GoogleBar(XPI-rimental),PrefBar,bugmenot,,, and??CopyURL, IEView.
    Could GoogleBar "merge" with (added) SrcChooser in PrefBar? (v. 3.1, build date 20050208
    Splibbilla, Apr 9, 2005
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