Downloading the configuration from PAP2T -- spaconf.exe

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Stan, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Stan

    Stan Guest

    It's possible that anyone has a long enough memory might possible
    recall that I posted here about a PAP2T which I had connected to
    iConnectHere (aka DeltaThree) in November, and that connecting to that
    company made the ATA become useless. If nobody remembers, the previous
    centence is an adequate reprise.

    iConnectHere is an exceedingle small company, and it did nothing since
    them, except asking the same questions repeatedly from time to time,
    but a few days ago a technicial got back to me only three days ago. He
    discovered that the device was in fact locked by the company (which
    had been agreed between us that this never should have happened). He
    was able to unlock it remotely -- and it took only four hours for him
    to do so. I now have a PAPT2, and I have it connected to an other
    provider; that provider has sworn in blood never to touch the device,
    and in fact is committed to BYO devices. The device now works, and I
    have been making calls across the ocean very happily.

    I want to backup the device's configuration. I have a Windows utility
    that I acquired some months ago called <spaconf.exe>, does exactly
    that, and I did use it successfully back before iConnectHere screwed
    it up. Now I have tried to use it again, without success. If someone
    can through a little light on the subject, I might find a bit of
    insight, and find a way to back up the configuration.

    The syntax of the utility is as follows: spaconf
    "http://admin:<password>@ config.txt" (for the IP address
    and the text file for the configuration file to load. What happens
    instead, the utility times out, with Error 10060, saying that spaconf
    was unable to communicate with the device. The password _does_ make it
    possible for the browser to display the configuration; the utility
    _did_ load the configuration last November. Why can't it do that now?
    If someone knows spaconf.exe, perhaps he can understand this. I did
    try to send an email to the developer ("Jason", unknown surname), but
    he seems to have no longer been using the address, so he is

    I assume that the PAP2T may be defective, which does show other, which
    I do not remember having before the pre-iConnectHere era. The Power
    LED blinks frequently, and sometimes remains dark for several seconds;
    the Line1 LED doesn't really blink, but also goes dark for several
    seconds from time to time.

    Altogether, I am non-plussed.
    Stan, Mar 2, 2007
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  2. Stan

    Brian Guest

    How could we forget? It's etched into our souls.
    If my PAP2T had been brought back from the dead I think I would be
    content to configure it, make a copy by hand of the configuration and
    never let another piece of software anywhere near it. But you like to
    live dangerously!
    spaconf "http://admin:<password>@" config.txt

    Brian, Mar 2, 2007
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  3. Stan

    Graham Guest

    Yes, I remember.
    My understanding is this,
    As long as you have the contents of the GPP K: parameter in the
    provisioning tab, plus the units MAC address it is always possible
    to unlock the PAP-2
    I haven't had an opportunity to test this, but just in case my information
    is correct I suggest you paste your GPP K: into a text file while you
    still can!
    Graham, Mar 3, 2007
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