downloading site through offline explorer...problem

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ashjas, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. ashjas

    ashjas Guest


    The above site has a lot of e newspapers to see online for free,just
    requires a free registration..

    I wanted to download the epaper published on this site..(below) to
    which the pressmart site links to..

    reading it online is not always so easy so i tried to do the job thru
    offline explorer,but it didnt do the job...because..

    1) The front page of the site publishes the front page of the orig
    newspaper in image format,but one cant read it in the same way,one
    needs to click the respective articles to view the readable images of
    the respective article...

    2) but this clicking needs to enter the email address that u
    registered with the site for accept dialog appears straight
    away as one clicks, that asks u to login or not with yes/no option...

    3) after pressing yes,the login detail is to be filled on the next

    Now the problem, as i think, is that offline explorer is not able to
    enter the login details in the way the site presents...poping a dialog
    for asking yes/no option for loging and then filling in the logging
    details on the next page,and subsequently pressing yes.... after which
    one can access all the articles...

    Note:i am giving the login details in the offline explorer project for
    downloadin the site...

    So does anybody here know how to bring this job to a suscess....

    maybe any other software that can do this or any other way of doing

    i am desperate to achieve this...

    Hoping a reply...

    ashjas, Mar 28, 2006
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  2. ashjas

    Whiskers Guest

    Looks to me like a free introductory period - which expires on 31/3 anyway.
    From then, you will have to pay. Just as you would if you wanted the
    paper editions.

    I think the "because" is that "they" don't want "just anyone" to be able
    to make unlimited free copies of the publications available. What you
    have come up against is "how" they manage to deter you from doing that.

    The difficulty of reading on a computer screen, something that was designed
    to be read from several much larger sheets of paper, is probably why the
    genuine 'on-line' versions of those newspapers that provide such things,
    are delivered as HTML web pages, not as 'photocopies'.

    For the greatest convenience in getting news-reports on your computer,
    look into "RSS"; some newspapers (and radio and TV stations, and news
    agencies, and other organisations and private people) offer many 'feeds'
    which you can combine to create your very own daily 'newspaper'; much more
    flexible than the 'old-fashioned' printed services :))
    Whiskers, Mar 28, 2006
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