downloading movies to burn to DVD

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by - Bobb -, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. - Bobb -

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    I'm not media high-tech , and was looking online to buy a physical DVD.
    Amazon, other retailers show " None in stock ", and then via Google search I
    find "stores" like this:
    that cannot even spell correctly,
    "Don't wast your money on movie rental",
    yet offering movies for download.
    'Download movie for only $2.99
    No additional software or browser plug-ins required!
    All downloads are available instantly.
    You can play movies for unlimited number of times whenever you want.
    Downloaded movie will work on PC, DVD player, PDA, iPod or iPhone etc.'

    Payment conditions
    3.1 Services are granted to the user on the prepaid basis according to the
    rates represented in the catalogue.
    3.2 The payment is made from the Client's account on the Site.
    3.3 The Client can add funds to his account anytime using the payment page
    3.4 Administration reserves the right to modify the existing rates for the
    3.5 By paying for the Services the Client fully accepts their cost of terms
    of their use.
    4.1 The balance of cancelled account(s) is not refundable.
    4.2 Payments are not refundable excluding the situation described in 4.3.
    4.3 The Client can request a refund if he has added funds to his account by
    mistake and he hasn't made any purchases on the Site yet. Refund can be
    requested during 48 hours since his account was refilled. We will not issue
    a refund if Files are not compatible with the Client's multimedia device
    or/and software.
    Do not use IE,
    Do not use WMP.
    1. bootleggers ?
    2. Just trying to get credit card info ?
    3. For real ?
    - Bobb -, Dec 28, 2008
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