Download Braindumps - CCNA MCSE CCNP CWNA CompTia Update !!!

Discussion in 'MCDST' started by CertCityForum.Com, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Download Braindumps - CCNA MCSE CCNP CWNA CompTia Update !!!

    More download links :)

    Here is the list of files that recently got posted at

    If you have trouble accessing the download link then please refer to
    Forum rules

    640-801 - 842 Questions - 6/13/2006
    Cisco Certified Network Associate,770.0.html

    640-821 - 342 Questions - 6/13/2006
    Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies (INTRO),771.0.html

    642-891 - 1208 Questions - 6/14/2006
    CCNP Composite Exam,772.0.html

    070-296 - 430 Questions - 6/13/2006
    Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Microsoft
    Windows Server 2003 Environment for a W2K MCSE (Q1-Q40),767.0.html

    220-302 - 624 Questions - 6/13/2006
    A+ OS technologies,768.0.html

    PW0-200 - 227 Questions - 6/13/2006
    Wireless Security Professional,769.0.html

    Please let us know by posting in the forum if you are looking for any
    other files.


    P.S Please forward this email to your friends :)

    CertCityForum.Com, Jun 15, 2006
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  2. CertCityForum.Com

    TBone Guest

    Unbelieveable that this idiot would spam for his assfsking website on a
    site monitored by MS. Bend over and get ready, Viv.

    Of course all he would probably do is surrender his membership list to MS
    to get them to reduce the charges. So let that be a warning to anyone who
    thinks of joining.
    TBone, Jun 16, 2006
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