Downgrade from x64 to 32 bi

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Guest, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi All,

    One of my partner wants to know if its possible to downgrade from 64 bit XP
    Pro. to 32 Bit and can they use the same license or they need to purchase new
    32 OS with new licenses.?

    Any suggestions will be highly appreciated
    Guest, Jul 3, 2007
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  2. Guest

    Theo Guest

    Win x64 and Win XP 32-bit have two entirely different
    Product Keys. You cannot use the Win x64 key for Win XP
    32-bit, nor can you use the Win XP 32-bit key for Win x64.
    Theo, Jul 3, 2007
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  3. I have 64 Bit and when I had re activate it after a re-install I used my 32
    Product key. Suffice to say I worked for me.
    BT News-Groups, Jul 4, 2007
  4. Guest

    Dennis Pack Guest

    BT News-Groups:
    Vista uses the same product key for x86 and x64. With XP and
    XP x64 the product keys are different. Have a great day.
    Dennis Pack, Jul 4, 2007
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