DOS application slow over network

Discussion in 'Windows Networking' started by Andrew M. Saucci, Jr., Apr 29, 2010.

  1. We're running an ancient DOS line-of-business application on a
    Windows 2000 server. It requires a mapped drive to function. If I run it
    directly off the server using the server's own drive letter, it runs fine.
    If I run it using the mapped network drive letter (but still on the server,
    not on a workstation), it is dog slow. How might I troubleshoot this? I
    tried disabling the antivirus software, but that did not help.
    Andrew M. Saucci, Jr., Apr 29, 2010
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  2. Andrew M. Saucci, Jr.

    ruic Guest

    You disabled the antivirus software both on the client and server?

    Is the application network aware?

    What sort of speed is the link running at?
    ruic, Apr 29, 2010
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  3. I'm only working on the server at this point, because I need only
    the server to reproduce the problem. The program sits on D:\XXX, which I
    have shared as XXX. If I run d:\xxx\program.exe, I have no problem. If I map
    R: to \\server\xxx and run R:\program.exe, I get the slowness. The
    application is definitely network-aware, even though it is probably about
    fifteen to twenty years old. (And no, replacing it is simply not an option
    at this point-- the client will not agree to it.) The link is running at 100
    Mbps, but keep in mind that I'm working directly on the server. The clients
    have the same problem, though, which is why I care about fixing it.
    Andrew M. Saucci, Jr., Apr 30, 2010
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